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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday 31st October - Halloween

Mummy and Daddy came back to rescue me from the hospital again, and the nurses said I'd been really good overnight but then as soon as they came into my room I decided to be sick again and they started having these fits - Mummy mentioned something about being an attention seeker.
Daddy trying to help me with my poorly tummy - he's so tired!

She felt my tummy and said it felt all bloated again, so we waited to see the doctor, it was Dr Dawson today we've met him before, he looks after my friend Lucas. He said that because of the high calorie milk I have that I will be more likely to have this happen again so he has given me some medicine its like a gooey honey to help, he thinks the fits I have been having  are 'pain reflexes', it was pretty painful. The good news is that they let us go home.

Really don't like Halloween
Since getting home I've been a bit shivery and very pale, Mummy was going to put me in my special Halloween Pumpkin outfit but thinks I just need to be wrapped up warm and sleeping for now - maybe after my bath.

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  1. Has Daddy been telling you frightening ghost stories, Ellie? No wonder you are upset in your little pumpkin outfit!