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Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday 29th October

Daddy stayed with me in the hospital last night but I was a bit mean to him and made him worry lots by throwing up at both my 6am and 9am feeds. By the time Mummy came he was very stressed and looking very sad. Mummy tried to reassure him that all babies get sick like this, its called reflux and its very common.

I was weighed this morning which made every one nervous but amazingly even though my food volumes have been reduced and I've been sick everyday I've put on weight! I'm now 7lb 11oz/3.49kg for my more metric followers.
So although we had to wait until lunchtime to see Doctor Burns, he said we could go home - it might not look like it from my face but I am ecstatic.

When we got home there was a lovely card from Mary and Edward, (thats Aunty Sam's Mummy and Daddy) they had put some money in it. Because we couldn't go to Scotland, Mummy went and bought me some clothes with the money, so thank you Mary & Edward - here's what she got. I love dungarees!!
I slept in my big cot for the very first time tonight, Daddy put my monitor on for the first time, I only slept for an hour as I'd cried loads before falling asleep and then it was time to be feed again. After my 9pm feed Mummy heard something crackling and after checking it wasn't the Apple Crumble she was baking she was pretty shocked to find it was the baby monitor...melting. There were some strange words I couldn't make out before the monitor was thrown across the floor sizzling - this cant be good.                          -  I think we are going to Mothercare tomorrow.


  1. BAD monitor! On the first night you were in your big bed too. Good job it WASN'T the crumble though Ellie - that would have made a RIGHT mess thrown across the room!!!! 'Night 'night, sweet dreams, little princess. xx

  2. Glad you are home and in your big bed - agree with your grandma about the crumble! Only 20 more grown up sleeps until we get to meet you - lots more sleeps for you I think!
    Take care
    Nicki,Simon and Max

  3. Glad to hear your home Ellie.....Happy Halloween!

    Love Poppy Munro xxx