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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

2nd Birthday Day

Hi all, I promised a little update and while I wont bore you with the changes in my life three months on since losing baby Emily what I can do is let you know an update regarding Ellie's fundraising.

Today would have been Ellie's 2nd Birthday, not quite sure how it would have been celebrated if she were here, I'd probably be knee deep in cup cakes and jelly and 2 year olds screaming around my feet, but I'll get to do that on Sunday when my lovely friends' little girl becomes two.

Instead, my day started with a flurry of tears whilst pouring over some old baby pictures deciding which to chose as my Facebook profile for the day and of course, ones without nasal tubes are always preferable.
Then I treated myself to some lovely yellow roses before collecting my 'hospital chaperone' and arriving in the staff car park.

It was a little like returning home, to an old house from your childhood, things were the same but yet, different, some new faces, but mostly familiar faces, from cleaners to doctors, names kept flooding back to me.

The room had been made empty, although was currently in use, the sun streamed through the new purple blinds, no portacabins blocking the light from the window. That made me smile. The garden once finished would be a pretty sight from the window.

The plaque was placed, on the door and looks great - hopefully this will make other people think about doing something simialr in future, it was a nice low key affair and bit embarressing as everyone was staring at me!!

I departed soon after a coffee and a chat about the plans for the garden, which are delayed currently but hope to have news soon. We had a quick pub lunch before heading home to plant purple and white crocus bulbs under the tree and put the palque in the ground - finally. Im pretty pleased with how it looks.

Thanks today (and everyday) to Emma, Mum and Amy for being there to make a sad day a little more fun. xx