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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Time again...

It's been raining down there, I see it through the gaps in the clouds. Big squishy puddles and then the rainbows come. Mummy looks out for them. I watch her most mornings while she gets up and goes for walks with Lilly Dog around the field. She regularly looks up at the sky and takes pictures, I Wonder if maybe she looks for me, and although I know She can't see me i wave madly. I am in her skies. 
It looks to be Christmas time again, it seems to come so fast because Mummy met with Jackie and Roxy dog and went to the tree today, it's branches are bare of course because it's winter! But my birthday rbbons are still there and they placed a lovely Christmassy Wreath.
 I remember Christmas, the sparklingly lights in the hospital especially. I think I would have liked another Christmas on earth, it looks fun. Mummy asked lots of my earth friends to help decorate the Christmas Tree this year. It looks so pretty with glitter and sparkly sequinned handmade baubles and decorations. My favourite I think so far is one Kellan made, but Andrews snowflakes are fab too.
I'm sad that I don't get to spend Christmas on earth. I miss everyone. Xxxxx