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All blogs post are more recent first, if you want to read about Ellie's Journey I'd suggest starting from the first post back in September 2011 (October Posts) and read on Chronologically from there. It will make more sense and you'll get to meet the little girl who gave my life purpose.
Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday 31st October - Halloween

Mummy and Daddy came back to rescue me from the hospital again, and the nurses said I'd been really good overnight but then as soon as they came into my room I decided to be sick again and they started having these fits - Mummy mentioned something about being an attention seeker.
Daddy trying to help me with my poorly tummy - he's so tired!

She felt my tummy and said it felt all bloated again, so we waited to see the doctor, it was Dr Dawson today we've met him before, he looks after my friend Lucas. He said that because of the high calorie milk I have that I will be more likely to have this happen again so he has given me some medicine its like a gooey honey to help, he thinks the fits I have been having  are 'pain reflexes', it was pretty painful. The good news is that they let us go home.

Really don't like Halloween
Since getting home I've been a bit shivery and very pale, Mummy was going to put me in my special Halloween Pumpkin outfit but thinks I just need to be wrapped up warm and sleeping for now - maybe after my bath.

Saturday 30th October

The day started off ok yesterday - Mummy and Daddy were just getting used to me being at home again, they stayed up a lot during the night helping each other with my feeds as its a bit more complicated now so they were a bit tired. I slept a lot and Marlee looked after me.
I was a good girl and slept in my cot while Mummy wrapped Christmas presents but I did keep startling myself and waking up crying.

We had people come and visit at teatime, Martin and Leonie they live on the Wirral, they came with lots of yellow bags with big letters M and S and they were full of food which they cooked in Mummy's oven for her, that was very nice of them. I woke a few more times with a startle and started to get upset while they were here.
When they left it was time for my supper but I struggled to eat it and then something odd happened, my startling fits got worse and kept happening,

Mummy and Daddy got very scared and asked Jo our next door neighbour to check on me. Everybody decided I better go back to the hospital because I was hurting a lot and screaming and crying.

Once there we met a nice nurse called Kate, she has babies herself so understands how worried Mummy and Daddy are about me. While I waited to see the doctor I had more fits that made 15 in total, Daddy was counting them.  The Doctor pressed all around my tummy and said it was distended, I think that just means full and bloated, he decided to give me a Glycerine tablet up by bottom, this then made me do the biggest poo in the world. They think I just have constipation but that its got so bad its causing me to be in a lot of pain.

Mummy and Daddy went home to rest because Kate said she'd look after me overnight and make sure I got cuddles, cause they looked pretty tired.

Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday 29th October

Daddy stayed with me in the hospital last night but I was a bit mean to him and made him worry lots by throwing up at both my 6am and 9am feeds. By the time Mummy came he was very stressed and looking very sad. Mummy tried to reassure him that all babies get sick like this, its called reflux and its very common.

I was weighed this morning which made every one nervous but amazingly even though my food volumes have been reduced and I've been sick everyday I've put on weight! I'm now 7lb 11oz/3.49kg for my more metric followers.
So although we had to wait until lunchtime to see Doctor Burns, he said we could go home - it might not look like it from my face but I am ecstatic.

When we got home there was a lovely card from Mary and Edward, (thats Aunty Sam's Mummy and Daddy) they had put some money in it. Because we couldn't go to Scotland, Mummy went and bought me some clothes with the money, so thank you Mary & Edward - here's what she got. I love dungarees!!
I slept in my big cot for the very first time tonight, Daddy put my monitor on for the first time, I only slept for an hour as I'd cried loads before falling asleep and then it was time to be feed again. After my 9pm feed Mummy heard something crackling and after checking it wasn't the Apple Crumble she was baking she was pretty shocked to find it was the baby monitor...melting. There were some strange words I couldn't make out before the monitor was thrown across the floor sizzling - this cant be good.                          -  I think we are going to Mothercare tomorrow.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Wednesday & Thursday 27th and 28th October

Late at night at the hospital with Mummy
Mummy and Daddy decided to cancel the holiday today - I was supposed to be meeting Great Grandma Nora, but the doctors wont let me leave hospital - big meanies. Daddy stayed over with me on Tuesday night, he keeps flirting with the nurses I think because he got tea and toast on Wednesday morning and Mummy didn't get anything today.

I was monitored all night for my oxygen levels but as Mummy kept giving me nasal drops I found it loads easier to breathe (I still snore a lot though). So I got a great nights sleep, even got my tummy filled with out waking up - now thats impressive!

Had more blood squeezed from my heel today to check my bloodgas levels  - they are ok. (What that means - who knows!) I got a nice plaster on my foot but as silly mummy forgot to charge the camera I cant show you it, well, it is only a plaster afterall.

Mummy and Daddy have now had their training to feed me with my tube which will help my release from here, do you know in the past 8 weeks of my life I have been in hospital more than home - thats pretty pants.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tuesday 26th October

I've had a very long night and I'm ever so tired. Mummy stayed at the hospital last night and was awake most of the time checking on me. When I sleep my oxygen levels dip and make the monitor beep a lot. I have my tube back in which is good because I get a full tummy quickly and get plenty of rest but I was still very sick in my cot at 3am which wasn't nice for my sleepy mummy to clear up she was helped by lovely nurse Becky.

Here we go again...

Because I am so snotty they stick a suction tube up my nose which is most unpleasant - my bogies have now gone to be looked at under a microscope - what a rubbish job for someone!

I have a had a tough day trying to eat, I threw up another feed at Lunchtime and missed Daddy by inches.

Liz the dietician came to advise reducing my volumes - while I may not be getting as much there is less chance of me throwing up apparently and as this isn't a pleasant experience I should like to not do it.
I got to try on an oxygen mask today - how Michael jackson is that?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday 25th October

Its two months until my first Christmas today, I got up early with Daddy and had a good feed but didn't feed well during the night, I'd been sick a couple of times yesterday and just seem to be sleeping all the time.

Falling a sleep  on the job!
A lovely lady called Gill came today - she monitors my feeding and was very worried that I am not eating enough quickly enough, she said that I look exhausted and that sucking from the bottle is really tiring me out.  She thinks it might be the reason I'm not putting on weight because I use all my energy just trying to eat. She then made Mummy cry because she said she felt that I would be better having my tube back for a while, I know Mummy knows its for the best but thinks it hides my beautiful face.

We are just waiting for Grandad and then they have a room for me at the children's ward. Mummy and Daddy will need training on how to use the tube and test it again. They both look very sad now though.

Me and Polly in the plastic crib again - you can tell I'm getting bigger - I wont be able to stay in this crib next visit!

Me and Polly

Sunday 24th October

Its a bit big for now but I do like it a lot!
What a busy day - It was lovely to meet Melissa and Geriant, they are expecting a baby next year so I cant wait to have another friend to play with. I heard Mummy and Daddy laughing, so thats good. Uncle John, Aunty Sammy and Grandma came today for tea, Nigel has a cold so stayed at home because I still have a cold and it might make me more poorly.

I do like people visiting  but sometimes its a bit overwhelming and I like some time to myself, having visitors is pretty tiring and I struggled to sleep tonight and I cried a lot.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Saturday 23rd October

A lovely quiet day with Mummy and Daddy.  I got to watch the Grand Prix Qualifying - Daddy said I can watch the race with him on Sunday. He follows Jenson Button but Mummy likes Lewis Hamilton - who should I follow??
I got to spend lots of time in my bedroom today which has lots of fab lights and a swinging chair with starry lights, Karin said that Matthew used to love it - but I'm still not sure!

I had a lovely bath tonight, I like to wiggle my feet in the water.

I think I'm beginning to like bathtime...
I love my snuggly bath robe - thank you Helen. xxx

Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday 22nd October

Penny came over today to help Mummy eat cake. I wore a very nice dress, but Mummy thinks that lemon is just not my colour and the tights are really silly!
Later we went for tea at Grandmas, she'd baked fresh cookies, they were pretty good apparently!
I met some kitties for the first time, Bramble and Henry, I think Bramble wanted my milk though. Unlike Daddy, I did not get puffy eyes or start itching.
Henry gets a stroke from me!

Its been a busy week - but Sometimes I get a bit fed up of all the attention!!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thursday 21st October

I was sick this morning because I sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed when I'm eating and sometimes guzzle my milk, I have a very floppy throat and sometimes this makes milk go the wrong way and I cough up.

My health visitor Sandy came today, I think she's too shy to have her picture taken, she weighed me but I have only put on 20 grammes since last week - Daddy and Mummy are worried because I should be putting on at least 20grammes a day. :-(

We were all invited over to see The Daniels' family in Haslington for lunch, Lucas was my roomie in the High Dependancy unit at Leighton. He is nearly 11 weeks old and quite a bit bigger than me and he has only been home for 4 weeks.

Mum Swap!

Darren & Lucas 

Mummy & Daddy really like his parents Darren & Lyndsey because they understand how difficult it has been but also they are very kind and funny people so they make them smile which is really important for them at the moment.

I had a good snooze in Lucas's swingy chair while Mummy & Daddy had yummy homemade soup and apple crumble.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon guys! x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wednesday 20th October

In age order: James, Will, Eliza, Kellan, Andrew
Charlotte, Me and Rebecca.

 You probably wont believe it looking at the next photo, but I've had a lovely day! Mummy took me to Claire's house (the lady who makes the fab cakes) The last time me and my friends were together was in the swimming pool in our mummies tummies - wow look at everyone now! They all got so big.

I did do a bit more sleeping too, because I'm very good at it, also had a sneaky sunbathe when no one was looking.

We went shopping to Daddy's favourite shop today its called Curry's but weirdly it desn't sell them? I got to go in a lift for the first time, weeeeeeeeeee! We bought a new toaster because like everything else in our house the one we have has broken.

Uncle John and Aunty Sammy came to see me again today - I think they just wanted to eat the chocolate cake Mummy made was still lovely to see them.
There was also a delivery of beautiful flowers from Karin, Andy, James and Matthew - these made mummy smile a lot! ;-)
Night Night Cuddles on Mummy's Tummy

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Tuesday 19th October

Ergh, its been raining most of the day - Grandma came over for cuddles while Mummy did some baking. Daddy and Grandad Adrian went to town to set up a bank account just for me - how grown up! Grandad has ordered us a tumble dryer because apparently we need one - I'm sure Mummy has been saying this even since before I was born....

We are going on my first holiday to Scotland next Friday, Grandad Phil and Nanny Tina bought me a special travel cot so I will be cosy away from home it came in the post today.

Karin visited today, I had more cuddles, she has been shopping in London and bought me this beautiful bunny from Harrods! Thank You. xxxxx

There was also a special delivery from the hospital pharmacy, I am going to be taking some special drugs in my food, called DHA, (DocasaHexanenoic Acid)*  this is a supplement to help my brain develop. There is a clever lady in Spain called Dr Martinez who treats babies and children like me with this drug and she thinks it can really help.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday 18th October



                                                                                                                                                                                                 What a busy day! 
I did some reading with Mummy at home but got a bit tired.

Out and about...

Then I went out to meet my friend Rebecca and her Mummy Amy, Rebecca is 4 days younger than me!     We didn't talk much though as we were both pretty sleepy - this growing malarky is hard work!

Baby Rap:  Ellie P and Becca chillin' in the house

More Visitors.....

When I got home I got to meet my Grandad Adrian, he's flown all the way from Australia to see me, he had to bring an extra suitcase with all the presents from there. There were lovely presents from Rosemary who Daddy and Mummy met 4 years ago when they went to see Grandad, look at the lovely Koala's - I cant wait until I'm big enough to cuddle them.

Nanny Margaret has been very busy knitting, I especially love the lilac hat and scarf. Mummy keeps singing the theme tune from Fraggle Rock to me - not sure why?

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday 17th October

Although its October, its still nice outside. Mummy and Daddy took me out for a walk with the doggies this afternoon, they have bought me a special white suit to keep me warm and I went in a papoose so that we could go across the fields - I loved it and slept all the way!

Saturday 16th October

Mummy loves to watch me while I sleep.
Mummy recieved an email today from a friend she met in hospital called Jo, Jo's baby is called Poppy and was born on the same day as me and is very internet savvy, she has had a blog since before she was even born!
Mummy decided that I was special enough to have my own blog too so has been very busy!

Thursday 14th October

Harry visited today she is one of Mummy's oldest friends - its the first time I met her because she's been on holiday, she gave me my dinner and I ate all of it eventually, but I do like to have power naps in between.

Friday 15th October

I went to see the dietician Liz today - she says I've put on more weight - I'm now 3.36kg/7lb 61/2oz!                                                             Mummy and Daddy went to see Dr Burns just to update him about our visit to Alderhey and then when we got home there was a yummy cake on the doorstep - Thanks Claire!

I met my great aunt and uncle today, they live near Dumfries in Scotland but have a campervan and were passing by. Great uncle Roy is an artist, he is really tall and I look tiny in his arms. Great Aunt Sally thinks I'm beautiful - I wont argue with her. ;-)