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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Thursday 21st October

I was sick this morning because I sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed when I'm eating and sometimes guzzle my milk, I have a very floppy throat and sometimes this makes milk go the wrong way and I cough up.

My health visitor Sandy came today, I think she's too shy to have her picture taken, she weighed me but I have only put on 20 grammes since last week - Daddy and Mummy are worried because I should be putting on at least 20grammes a day. :-(

We were all invited over to see The Daniels' family in Haslington for lunch, Lucas was my roomie in the High Dependancy unit at Leighton. He is nearly 11 weeks old and quite a bit bigger than me and he has only been home for 4 weeks.

Mum Swap!

Darren & Lucas 

Mummy & Daddy really like his parents Darren & Lyndsey because they understand how difficult it has been but also they are very kind and funny people so they make them smile which is really important for them at the moment.

I had a good snooze in Lucas's swingy chair while Mummy & Daddy had yummy homemade soup and apple crumble.

Thank you for a lovely afternoon guys! x

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  1. If it's Sandy from our surgery she's lovely. I remember her coming round when Matthew was about 8 weeks old; she just sat and let me cry .... for ages !