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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wednesday 20th October

In age order: James, Will, Eliza, Kellan, Andrew
Charlotte, Me and Rebecca.

 You probably wont believe it looking at the next photo, but I've had a lovely day! Mummy took me to Claire's house (the lady who makes the fab cakes) The last time me and my friends were together was in the swimming pool in our mummies tummies - wow look at everyone now! They all got so big.

I did do a bit more sleeping too, because I'm very good at it, also had a sneaky sunbathe when no one was looking.

We went shopping to Daddy's favourite shop today its called Curry's but weirdly it desn't sell them? I got to go in a lift for the first time, weeeeeeeeeee! We bought a new toaster because like everything else in our house the one we have has broken.

Uncle John and Aunty Sammy came to see me again today - I think they just wanted to eat the chocolate cake Mummy made was still lovely to see them.
There was also a delivery of beautiful flowers from Karin, Andy, James and Matthew - these made mummy smile a lot! ;-)
Night Night Cuddles on Mummy's Tummy

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  1. Don't they look so cute, all in a row (or two!)