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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Wednesday & Thursday 27th and 28th October

Late at night at the hospital with Mummy
Mummy and Daddy decided to cancel the holiday today - I was supposed to be meeting Great Grandma Nora, but the doctors wont let me leave hospital - big meanies. Daddy stayed over with me on Tuesday night, he keeps flirting with the nurses I think because he got tea and toast on Wednesday morning and Mummy didn't get anything today.

I was monitored all night for my oxygen levels but as Mummy kept giving me nasal drops I found it loads easier to breathe (I still snore a lot though). So I got a great nights sleep, even got my tummy filled with out waking up - now thats impressive!

Had more blood squeezed from my heel today to check my bloodgas levels  - they are ok. (What that means - who knows!) I got a nice plaster on my foot but as silly mummy forgot to charge the camera I cant show you it, well, it is only a plaster afterall.

Mummy and Daddy have now had their training to feed me with my tube which will help my release from here, do you know in the past 8 weeks of my life I have been in hospital more than home - thats pretty pants.


  1. Hi Ellie it's baby Poppy here! I am sending you lots if hugs and kisses and I hope you get better soon! Me and mummy try to read your blog everyday. I asked mummy if you could come to play with me when your better and she said she would ask your mummy.....kisses for now love lots Poppy xxx

  2. Hi Ellie how not fair to be back in hospital again - you need to help your mummy and daddy feeding you, so you can get back home in time for fireworks (which you will probably sleep through!) How clever your mummy must be at giving you nasal drops. Max has an eye infection and Nicki and Simon have big problems getting his eye drops in - perhaps you are less squirmy - you are a good girl for your parents! We are so looking forward to meeting you in three weeks time - can't wait! x x Nicki, Simon & Max

  3. Ellie, aren't your Mummy and Daddy doing a GREAT job, learning to do all these things to help you get bigger and stronger? It was disappointing that you didn't get to meet your Great Grandma Nora this weekend. She will be very sad. Maybe it won't be too long before we can all plan another trip to meet her. Really glad you are ALL home with Lilly and Marlee again. xx