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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Saturday 30th October

The day started off ok yesterday - Mummy and Daddy were just getting used to me being at home again, they stayed up a lot during the night helping each other with my feeds as its a bit more complicated now so they were a bit tired. I slept a lot and Marlee looked after me.
I was a good girl and slept in my cot while Mummy wrapped Christmas presents but I did keep startling myself and waking up crying.

We had people come and visit at teatime, Martin and Leonie they live on the Wirral, they came with lots of yellow bags with big letters M and S and they were full of food which they cooked in Mummy's oven for her, that was very nice of them. I woke a few more times with a startle and started to get upset while they were here.
When they left it was time for my supper but I struggled to eat it and then something odd happened, my startling fits got worse and kept happening,

Mummy and Daddy got very scared and asked Jo our next door neighbour to check on me. Everybody decided I better go back to the hospital because I was hurting a lot and screaming and crying.

Once there we met a nice nurse called Kate, she has babies herself so understands how worried Mummy and Daddy are about me. While I waited to see the doctor I had more fits that made 15 in total, Daddy was counting them.  The Doctor pressed all around my tummy and said it was distended, I think that just means full and bloated, he decided to give me a Glycerine tablet up by bottom, this then made me do the biggest poo in the world. They think I just have constipation but that its got so bad its causing me to be in a lot of pain.

Mummy and Daddy went home to rest because Kate said she'd look after me overnight and make sure I got cuddles, cause they looked pretty tired.

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