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Monday, 25 October 2010

Monday 25th October

Its two months until my first Christmas today, I got up early with Daddy and had a good feed but didn't feed well during the night, I'd been sick a couple of times yesterday and just seem to be sleeping all the time.

Falling a sleep  on the job!
A lovely lady called Gill came today - she monitors my feeding and was very worried that I am not eating enough quickly enough, she said that I look exhausted and that sucking from the bottle is really tiring me out.  She thinks it might be the reason I'm not putting on weight because I use all my energy just trying to eat. She then made Mummy cry because she said she felt that I would be better having my tube back for a while, I know Mummy knows its for the best but thinks it hides my beautiful face.

We are just waiting for Grandad and then they have a room for me at the children's ward. Mummy and Daddy will need training on how to use the tube and test it again. They both look very sad now though.

Me and Polly in the plastic crib again - you can tell I'm getting bigger - I wont be able to stay in this crib next visit!

Me and Polly

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  1. Grandma is very very sorry to hear that you have to have the tube back. I know how much it will upset Mummy and Daddy, as it seems like a step backwards. Let's hope that it will just be for a little while again, and that it will help get you stronger quickly so that you can get bigger and back to a bottle again for them. Then you will have the energy to start to play with them, while you are awake