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Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday 18th October



                                                                                                                                                                                                 What a busy day! 
I did some reading with Mummy at home but got a bit tired.

Out and about...

Then I went out to meet my friend Rebecca and her Mummy Amy, Rebecca is 4 days younger than me!     We didn't talk much though as we were both pretty sleepy - this growing malarky is hard work!

Baby Rap:  Ellie P and Becca chillin' in the house

More Visitors.....

When I got home I got to meet my Grandad Adrian, he's flown all the way from Australia to see me, he had to bring an extra suitcase with all the presents from there. There were lovely presents from Rosemary who Daddy and Mummy met 4 years ago when they went to see Grandad, look at the lovely Koala's - I cant wait until I'm big enough to cuddle them.

Nanny Margaret has been very busy knitting, I especially love the lilac hat and scarf. Mummy keeps singing the theme tune from Fraggle Rock to me - not sure why?

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  1. Don't they look just great - really spaced out! LOVE the hat too. She is a unique little princess.