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All blogs post are more recent first, if you want to read about Ellie's Journey I'd suggest starting from the first post back in September 2011 (October Posts) and read on Chronologically from there. It will make more sense and you'll get to meet the little girl who gave my life purpose.
Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Our Mission

What is your money going to do?

We are currently in talks with the hospital about securing a garden space within the grounds of the hospital next to the children's ward. We are looking at finding interested parties to design this space and commission them to do the work.
This will be to provide a private and reflective space for families dealing with difficult times. It will also give space outside for patients with serious conditions or illnesses This will also provide a pretty view from the first four rooms in the ward.
We are also due to confirm the set up of a room with it's own dedicated equipment in order to have a complete set up for a poorly new admission.

We have now in place a children's night light on EVERY cot in the ward due to money raised at Cronkinsons Night!

Tomy 2015 - Winnie the Pooh Sweet Dreams Night Light

The most enchanting cot projector with an amazing lightshow and projections featuring Winnie the Pooh and friends. Features 2 different modes, a sleep time mode and a wake up mode which ensures that baby winds down when being put in the cot and to re-assure baby once they are waking up, for just a little bit of home from home.

Inspiration Cot (9000)

Click here to enlarge imageDesigned in conjunction with leading UK Paediatric specialists, the Inspiration childrens' cot is colourful and aesthetically pleasing whilst still featuring innovative functionality. Sidhil's variable height, electrically operated Cot, has a two-way tilting mattress platform and uniquely