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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Eve 2010

Annie came to see Mummy and Daddy today – she is uber impressed with their (your)
Fundraising Activities and has been trying to help Mummy and Daddy out a bit in return. She has found a little place for them to stay on the hospital grounds if they need a break from the Ward.
We have been waiting to find out if Social Services can help in any way as the start of the ‘Getting me Home’ plan, this has proved a bit rubbish unless Mummy wants her ironing doing and although she isn’t really a fan of ironing, it did interest her but then what could she punish Daddy with?
Chris from Homecare came to check on me, I’ve noticed quite a few people who haven’t seen me for a while keep saying that I look bigger – is this a polite way of hinting that I’m a fatty??
As I had enjoyed my feathers yesterday, Helen from the play team put together a box of lovely touchy feely things and brought a small blackboard to have up for visitors like we used to have at home. I've had them very busy today as they have also made a big barometer to track the fundraising progress, they hung it on the door to my room to show everyone what we are trying to achieve. We reached over 10% of Target today!!
Grandma and John came this afternoon, and Uncle John held my Milk while Mummy’s arm was getting tired, Grandma brought more clean washing, she’s so kind!
Then the chocolate lady, Helena came from Mummy’s work, (we have really similar names, but she says mine is posher?!) she forgot to bring chocolate but she says that its ok because it gives her a chance to come back and see me, instead of buying a teddy and a balloon she donated to my fundraising page. Cool hey?
I think she was a little bit in love with me as she stayed much longer than she said she would and watched me have my bath. She had to go back to Nottingham so she left before Grandad and Nanny Tina came to wish me a Happy New Year.
Daddy and Mummy had a smelly curry tonight, I feel sorry for Sharon the Nurse looking after me tonight as Daddy is on night-watch! Phew Wee. Night, Night then, hope you have good New Years Eve fun. This is my last post for 2010. Crikey. What a busy year.

Editors Note at the end of the year……
 I look so tired, I hadn’t noticed until now, Ellie is asleep. She was allowed a smidgen of fizzy something on her lips and its gone straight to her head!
 As for me - I‘ve just processed 2010.  From the start in January saying goodbye to Ellie’s Great, (Especially Fab and Great) Grandma Florence on the same day I saw Ellie for the first time, the size of a little grape, I have been honoured to have this special Angel let me keep her safe and bring her into the world. From her emotional day of birth through the past four months of her troubled life and this shitty, yes shitty, crappy sickness.
 I just want to say to my brave girl on behalf of me and her Daddy that we love you darling, forever and ever and always.  I am overwhelmed by my amazing friends and family and all of you who are reading Ellie’s blog and helping us build a memory of her that we will never be able to forget.
I know there is every chance this isn’t going to be a Happy New Year, not for us,  so I wont raise a glass to that, I raise a glass to my beautiful Little Miss Ellie and hope you all will do too.  xxx


  1. I most certainly's to you Ellie xxx

  2. Happy New Year to my little friend Ellie! Sloppy kisses Poppy xxx

  3. My glass is raised; to my beautiful, precious and brave Little Ellie, and to your wonderful and equally brave Mummy and Daddy. You are truly inspirational. Welcome to 2011 and I wish you so much love, and the continued strength to go forward and face this New Year. A million kisses, and hugs too.