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Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve!

Mummy had errands to do for Father Christmas this morning so went out into the snow, so I sat with Daddy and we watched Christmas Movies.
She came back looking very refreshed and smelling nice, she said that she’d been to see our fab nextdoor neighbour Jo and her little boy Olly made some Christmas decorations for us. I think that I probably have the prettiest room in the hospital, I think all the new people who come in to the rooms next to me are mighty jealous!

The nurses are all wearing sparkely bobbly things in their hair and o their outfits today, everyone is in a good mood and peole keep bobbing in to have a chocolate. Jenny got us toast for breakfast and even Dr Helen came in with home baked ginger biscuits, its such a pity that I only drink milk as all these Chistmas goodies smell amazing.

After lunch, one of the pink ladies, Helen, helped Mummy and Daddy to make a mould of my feet! They squished my bare toes into this cold gooey mixture and waited for it to set, it was very relaxing and it made me go to sleep. They then mixed up some plaster to put in the mould and have left it on the cold window sill to set. Mummy keeps wondering what the moulds will look like, she’s very excited to see how they turn out, she said my feet are so beautiful and these imprints will be something very precious for her and Daddy to have.

Nanna arrived bearing gifts and some new vests for me because I’ve got a bit big and I am limited for clothes to wear in the hospital because of the tropical temperatures. Vests seem to be appropriate, ideally I need things that can go on all topsy turvey as all my tubes make putting things over my head a bit tricky. But I have got a special Christmas top to wear for tomorrow from Uncle John and Aunt Sammy. They came this afternoon with Chistmas foodies for Daddy and Mummy, they stayed and had brews and biscuits, it’s all very festive.
Kellan’s Mummy Lou came with even more goodies and a tasty looking veggie lasagne that Ken made (Thank you!). Mummy says she’ll never lose her “Ellie Belly” at this rate. Lou stroked my hand while I was awake and said I have beautiful eyes.
I have had my beautiful eyes open for ages today, I like looking around, I would really like to smile especially at Mummy or Daddy as I love them so much, but my brain is rubbish and won’t let me.
While Lou was still here another little girl with beautiful eyes called Olivia came to see me, she is the daughter of the lady Mummy met last night.
She said that when she had seen me yesterday and saw my stocking she wanted me to have a present for it – that is so nice. Mummy started to talk in a soft voice and wished her a very special Chistmas as her Daddy was taking her home to be with her family. When she’d gone both Mummy and Lou had leaky eyes.

I thought that was it for visitors bit then we had such a lovely surprise, I thought Mummy was going to fall over, it was my special friend Poppy with her Mummy and Daddy, Jo and John. They have been following my blog avidly and had wanted to come and see us for hugs and Christmas wishes. It was very nice, I haven’t seen Poppy for ages because all though we were born on the same day and stayed next to each other on our first ever nights in the world I was whisked up to the special care until and then started my hectic hospital schedules.
Poppy is very pretty, she is about the same length as me but a bit bigger, she is much more alert and was very interested in me – I might not look interested as I can’t really focus properly but I really liked it when she held my hand. I am a bit jealous of Poppy if I’m honest because she has loads more hair than me!
Jo and John are teachers and John sees lots of children who have hearing impairments like me, he says he talks to them with his hands, he wants to show Mummy and Daddy how to do this with me and is going to send us a book. They are very nice people. (Kisses to you all!)
I was really tired after all these visitors, Daddy and Mummy helped me with my first Christmas cracker and put the silly hat on my head! The joke was rubbish – but apparently they always are.
I’ve moved house tonight – there was a lot of shuffling and fussing and I’m now closer to the nurses station, now I’m in a room exactly the same but also a bit different – can you spot the differences?

I am going to go to sleep now because Mummy said Father Christmas won’t come unless I am dreaming because baby dreams are so magical that they make reindeers fly and snowmen dance.
Have a Happy Christmas Everyone – lots of love to all my followers. Thank you for being with me. xx


  1. Dan, Lou and Ellie,

    Margaret and I are thinking of you as you wake up to your first Christmas Day together. It would be great if you could Skype us if that's possible. If not, have a happy day.

    Grandad Adrian

  2. I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas
    Trish and Chris

  3. Merry Christmas, love Marianne Chris and Abe xxx