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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Tuesday 28th December

Merryday, our black and white doggy substitute
Daddy had an unsettled night but he's much better at ignoring all the noises in the hospital than Mummy is. My new room is right next to the nurses station, Mummy says its pretty noisy as it's the main hubbub of the Ward, phones ringing, bells jingling, patter of feet and chatter of voices.
Emma and Carol were fighting over me today, thats nice...I feel very wanted. Emma was looking after me today in the end, she is good to Mummy and Daddy and makes sure they don't get thirsty.

Mummy tried to finish off my feet and hand moulds today but ended up in peices because the hands broke into peices, some of the fingers broke off  and when she went to finish the frame she made a boo boo I think Daddy referred to it as. She was crying because she'd messed it up and it was so important to her. Grandma is trying to find another kit the same so she can do a better one, Daddy thinks it is ok but Mummy is a bit of a perfectionist about things like that. (See Rach, you could have got one for us. xx)

Daddy has re worked my feeds now to four hourly so we dont see as miuch of the nurses, not because we dont want to but because seceretly Mummy would like to be at home and if she was she wouldnt want to do the horrid early and late night feeds. They have talked about going home, its not looking imminent as there would be so much to do to get sorted and we really need to have some help lined up, I am a big responsibility and it doesn't help that I had a bit of a do today. 
It was about four in the afternoon,  I was a bit quiet and went starey, I knew it was coming, I made a small cry yo let them know and they were all very quick.  Daddy had spotted my heartrate dropping. My doctor is having a break so I am sharing lots of other Doctors today, I haven't made Dr Ellie run to me before so thought today could be her lucky day! Daddy held my airways open and Dr Ellie breathed for me while Mummy kept pinching my toes. I took quite a while to remember how to breathe which everyone found very frightening.  I know when I've been really bad as I get put back in the greenhouse box.

Things look quiet for visitors for the rest of this week, if anyone who hasn't been would like to come please give Mummy a call or a text. I'm hoping to see Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Julia said they might be able to come and see me - I'd like that.


  1. Hi Ellie me and mummy love your moulds. We did some when I was only a few weeks old but mummy likes how yes have turned out and was wondering if your mummy could let us know what kits u used as ours are more imprints than sticky out ones like yours! Hope you can help us! Lots of sloppy kisses to my little friend hugs poppy xxx

  2. Ellie, Tell Mummy that Trish is also on the case looking for a new kit, so not to get upset or worry - we'll find one!! (It is a CUCHICU 3D casting kit - with frame, if anyone else can help?)xx

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  4. Ellie, I would love to come and see you, but I am just getting over a horrible flu lurgy and wouldn't want to add that to the list of things you have to fight on a daily basis.

    Also, if I'm honest, I'm a cryer. I always have been and it's a running joke in our house that I'm always crying at something (even adverts have been known to set me off!) and what would doubtless start out as a good old catch up would (very) quickly dissolve into me sobbing uselessly which would make everyone else very uncomfortable!! And I have no right to do this. Mummy and Daddy are amazing people, and I'm really pleased that they have such a bright, shining light in their lives. I hope you get a replacement casting kit soon! x