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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day

Mummy says something like the reason Boxing day is called boxing day is because once upon a time rich people boxed up their Christmas left over scraps and gave them to the poor and that nowadays its probably just because of all the rubbish Wii and Playstation boxes that are lying round.
I was good for most part of the day, I was allowed a bath for the first time in ages because Mummy had been scared I might 'have a do' in the water. and having a bath isnt quite straight forward as at home. The easiest way is to strip me and my bed off, put the bath on my bed and me in my bath and then do all the nice bits. Daddy holds all my tubes out of the water and Mummy holds me while squshing water over my belly. I loved it, I tried to smile but these stickies on my face are so tight, Mummy says they do the same thing as botox and stop my face from making any expressions.

We had a flurry of visitors at one point, including the Doctors there were just too many people - don't get me wrong I like having visitors its just that we dont have the room for a party. Everyone comes and just looks at me - I guess because I'm cute, maybe I look a bit funny too, they stroke my arms and kiss my head and hold my hand and I can feel their love. I might not respond to it but I know.
I had a visit from a big red elephant from the fire department today they brough chocolate - Cadbury's of course.
I was pretty relaxed for most of the day, wearing one of my groovy Christmas outfits from The Williams', and even got to have a lovely shoulder cuddle with Mummy but I think my windiness decided to ruin it as I was really uncomfortable for a bit and then without warning had a seizure in her arms, it was only a quick one this time but i glazed over and she started to rub my chest and blow cold air in my face, I kept blinking at her to tell her I was coming round but the nurse wanted to help as well so the doctors did come running in, but I was ok again. I slept really well after that. Not sure anyone else will. Dr Helen said she'd run all the way down the corridor, I think I help to keep everyone fit...bit by bit they will all be wearing trainers when they look after me.....


  1. Ellie you are very cute! Glad you enjoyed your bath. Hope you are feeling our love too xxxx

  2. ellie you have an amazing range of clothing, you always look so stunning!! love and kisses for you, your mummy and daddy too! xx