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Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day - The Hospital Way

Christmas day - its all about lying down and chillin out!
Now Im pretty sure that noone really wants to be at work on Christmas day but some people, like doctors and nurses, have to be. For that, I'm glad, because as well as being employed to look after me I'm starting to think they might actually enjoy looking after me.
Like smiley Doctor Danny with her sparkely shoes looking at me upside down after both of my morning episodes, which at 5am  and 6am respectively were quite acceptable times to get parents up on Christmas day I would say. Not so sure Mummy would agree as she hold up her eyelids whilst typing this blog for me tonight.
So anyway Christmas Day in a Hospital, to all intents and purposes, very much like, Monday, Tuesday get the picture, however there was the distinct smell of sausage butties and lots of packages with coloured paper and bits of shiny ribbon. This so I'm told is the work of Father Christmas! (Not the Sausages - that was Mark) As I cant really move I wasnt able to initiate present opening, so there was a definite backlog by lunchtime as I dont think Mummy or Daddy seemed very interested. I was, I liked the crunchy paper and the shiny bits. So I got to open things - with help of course - lots of lovely things...Mummy will do the thank you's later.

Grandma, Nigel and Nanna came this morning for Christmas day cuddles, both Nanna and Grandma were wearing special Chritsmas day uniforms, red tops and black bottoms! I had my special Christmas top on too. But I got so many clothes I did have a few costume changes during the day, who wouldn't. I'm becoming such a diva. Mummy had a present off Daddy which is a nice moving camera to get footage of me - its currently still being practiced with, before anything is uploaded to the blog and I become an internet movie star.
Dr Burns called in to wish me a Merry Christmas, I got a little telling off about this morning and now I will have to have more brain juice - I'm all for it as long as it helps Mummy sleep better. (Editor must interject: I'm not taking it as well though you understand!)
Carol was looking after me today and Ray was looking after Mummy and Daddy, they were allowed a Christmas Dinner and the nurses made them go and sit at a proper table together for a change, they missed me though so were back sooner than expected and caught me grabbing a qucik cuddle with Carol. The nurses are becoming like a second family!

Mummy and Daddy did some more present opening after lunch and watched the tele box on the wall as there was a silly movie with a big green scottish giant that made them laugh. They ate chocolates and drank Cocacola and fussed over me - sounds like a perfect Christmas to me.
Carol had to finish work and go home for her Chirstmas dinner so Emma took over for the night, I think she was in a very good mood because she had spent time nice times with her family at home and although Mummy and Daddy wished they'd been home  they were in a good mood because they had spent their Christmas with the most important person in their universe, thats ME, incase you were in any doubt. ;-)
I've been so windy today - I could say its because of the sprouts, but even if Mummy was still breast feeding she hates them so that woulld never be the case, I was allowed some medicines but the best thing is having my tummy rubbed and Daddy helped me fart like a trooper - he said they were better than some of his, now that's saying something.

Editor: Just seen the time and really am v.tired - will do present roll call tomorow, hope you all had a great day. Keep your fingers crossed overnight!!


  1. To my little friend Ellie I am so glad that I came to see you yesterday I had a lovely time and loved holding you hand. You are so very pretty and I really like you choice of Christmas outfit today! Happy 1st Christmas to you and your mummy and daddy. I will come and visit you again in the new year to play with your new toys with you and give you sloppy kisses. Love you very much your very special to me as you were my first every friend as we came into the world together! Poppy xxx

  2. Oh Ellie you look so beautiful in your red Christmas top! Lots of love sent to you and your family from us xxxx