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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Sedative Saturday

I have had no sleep all night and neither has Mummy, Daddy came to sit with me at 7am as Mummy was pooped, like me. She had to ring him in the early hours as was worried about me not settling and the only option was to start using a sedative drug to suppress my cough which she wanted to discuss with him, at six o'clock in the morning. I can't shake it, it's so dry but then I keep making secretions and I can’t move them so I keep coughing and coughing. I had a saline nebuliser to help shift anything that was stuck and then Becky the weekend physiotherapist came too. But my cough just kept on coming, over and over and over.
So they have now given me something called Chloral Hydrate* to help send me to sleep. The problem is that this drug has been prescribed as part of my end of life plan; it is also a dependency drug which means the more I have, the more my body will need. Only time will tell whether I can just use this to help get me through my horrid cough or if this is another step away from going home with Mummy and Daddy and seeing Marlee and Lilly again.
The afternoon continued just like the night and my 'chloroform', as Mummy is referring as it (knocks me out) makes me sleep.

*First synthesized in 1832, chloral hydrate was the first depressant developed for the specific purpose of inducing sleep. Currently marketed as syrups or soft gelatin capsules, chloral hydrate takes effect in a relatively short time (about 30 minutes) and will induce sleep in an hour. (


  1. Aww I'm really Sad to read this post. I'd hoped you and Mummy would have a good night. I really hope using this sedative can just be a one off (for a very long time)

    Sending hugs to you Ellie and your Mummy and Daddy. Xx

  2. I was directed to our blog by the hospitals magazine i have read each and everyone one of your entries, you are a very special young lady, and your mummy and daddy are very special too.

    18 years ago my husband and I had a very special little lady with many of the problems you have, she spent all of her life (eight and a half months) in leighton hospital and was loved by many of the staff jusr as you seem to be.

    i will follow you each day and send you and your family all our love.

    To a very special young lady hugs and kisses

  3. I was so very sad to read this post Ellie, I hope you all managed to get a restful nights sleep.
    All our love, hugs and kisses to a special little girl x x x x x

  4. Stay strong Little Miss Ellie, thinking of you x