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Friday, 25 February 2011

Yawn...Friday again.

Friday again, we’ve lost track of how many weeks now. I’ve been yawning all day* and that’s even with my Caffeine. That just goes to prove that even I’m bored of being here now.
Suze mentioned to Mummy and Daddy last night that she thought the caffeine could be making a difference, they hadn’t really thought about it until now, they were just grateful that I haven’t had an apnea in 18 days. Of course just saying that today could in fact make one happen tonight, but Mummy said if the magic caffeine is really keeping my brain more alert then that’s fantastic, we still can’t go home though because I need too much oxygen. Rubbish.  
It was very sad on the ward last night, Mummy and Daddy have been a bit distant today, lost in their own thoughts, so it was a good job Jane suprised them with a visit and brought amazing chocolate cake, goodies for the raffle from Sian from Weymouth (Thank You xxx) and a fabulous banner to be used for Little Miss Ellie events…it huge! Look out for it soon….

I’ve been pretty pink today although I haven't had a temperature but as such Mummy said I should try and stay out of the box, so I had cuddles with Mummy and then later cuddles with Daddy too. These cuddles aren’t the most relaxing as they tend to involve lots of suction due to me being moved around and coughing a lot. But as Mummy decided to brush my hair and then give me a nice head massage I did eventually relax a bit.

Mummy went home for a few hours but she said the milk was sour and she said the house is sad without me. Although she did say that the house is now tidy, thank you Grandma and the garden is tidy, thank you Mark and Daddy.
I am still pretty unhappy and unsettled, but then what’s new; I guess Mummy is ready to get no sleep so we will just have to see.

*Just a thought about Yawning.....
The causes of yawning are not well understood. Excessive yawning is even less understood than normal yawning, particularly in children, but several explanations exist.

Physiologic Causes

The most common cause of yawning is lack of sleep, a yawn is meaning of lack of oxygen to the brain, with most yawning occurring in the first waking hour and the second most common time being the hours before bedtime. In newborns, excessive yawning occurs as a symptom of prenatal drug withdrawal. Part of the evaluation for neonatal drug withdrawal involves counting the number of times an infant yawns. Infants that yawn more than three to four times over a half an hour period have excessive yawning, the Royal Children's Hospital reports. Children may also yawn more when they're overheated, as a cooling mechanism, Gandorta reports. Absence seizures can include yawning as a symptom, according to "Pediatric Neuropsychiatry" published by Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins in 2005.


Alert parents often note that their child yawns more than usual. If no obvious cause such as lack of sleep exists, medical evaluation to rule out brain dysfunction, is warranted. An electroencephalogram can diagnose brain dysfunction.

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  1. Hi Ellie,
    I am glad that Mummy and Daddy had you out for cuddles today. You do get so hot in that box - and they can't get AT you! If it helps bring up that awful coughy stuff for them to 'catch' it will help you when you lie down again too.
    Loving the co-ordinating outfit you have on today. LOTS of people are going to wear purple wristbands and clothes in your honour next week, to help get that train total on your door up to £10 000! YAAAY!!!! Love you my beautiful, precious little one. Grandma.xxxxx