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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Still Fighting.

Here I am - still fighting, always ready to tell you about my day. I've been proper sleepy! And aside from a temperature going up and down and up and down I 've kept Ray Ray busy letting her do my feeds while Mummy has been having a back seat day.
She's there, but has been letting the nurses do their jobs so she can do hers, like giving me cuddles, rubbing my tummy and some sneaky toe kisses. 
I didn't get dressed for ages today as I was still pretty hot but I couldn't wait to try on one of my new tops that Penny got on Sunday for me. Brum, Brum.
Mummy has been doing her part time job today, as my fundraiser extraordinaire. She has been conversing with my adverting agency, Dave, sorting out some cool posters to use for Ellie Events. She also had a chat with the managers of Cronkinsons Farm Pub in Stapeley. Thanks to Janice Hope (x), they have heard all about me and said that Ward 17 is a special place for them for personal reasons. They have decided to run a big charity night on Saturday the 5th of March with all the proceeds going to my fund. 
We also had a huge Donation from Grandad's work thanks to clever Karen Plank (x) who has been sitting at her desk with her Ellie placard telling people to vote for me! 
I had a quick visit from Grandad and Nanny Tina who brought some bits and pieces to keep Mummy and Daddy entertained, although with all I get them to do and this event planning I don't think they ever really get bored! Grandad has given us a fancy trilby hat for the auction which Daddy has been modeling - look at him, all gangster


  1. love the top ellie i just been looking at your auction stuff i WANT that bag and i will be bidding and jim eyes lit up at the star wars so maybe a bid or 2 there aswell and i think i might have to get a babysitter for the 5th of march aswell we have also been telling lots of people about you and the school opposite that pub might be doing something for you as my mum and dad both work there i will let you know as soon as i do
    now you get a good night sleep big hugs to you all

  2. Dear Ellie, Im so pleased I could put your Mummy in touch with Cronkinsons Farm and do something to help your fundraising. You are so near your target now that I think your Mummy might have to increase it! I also think its really important that Mummy gets to do lots of proper Mummy things too like kisses and cuddles and reading stories and let the nurses do the hospital things for a bit. Much love Jx

  3. Hi Ellie, I love you're new top, and the Trilby that Daddies wearing suits him. I have to agree with Janice, I think Mummy and Daddy will have to increase the 'target', especially when some of the 'fund raising' hasn't happened yet!! I'm also glad that mummy is doing lot of mummy things with you too. Stay strong sweetheart and keep fighting. Lots of love to you all. Lucas' Nanna xx

  4. loving the top! save me a wrist band or 2 x x big hugs to all x