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Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday 21st February

In my new dungaree dress from Karin 
Cough. Sleep Cough Cough Sleep. Cough…get the picture. Ugh. I felt really rubbish last night. I felt hot and sticky and Helen checked my temperature, it was really high. My tummy was upset and uncomfortable. I told them all, I let my heart rate get bigger and I cried. They always stop and listen when I cry. On further inspection Dr Burns said that I have a tummy bug called Gastroenteritis, it means my tummy is gripey and painful and I have a runny bum.
They gave me extra hydrocortisone for it now I’m taking it so I slept through most of the day.
Later, Mummy looked at my fingers before I fed and said they looked grey and were cold, so were my feet. She thought it was the cool oxygen blowing around but when they tested my temperature it was high again. Julie said that she would give me strawberry juice and ibuprofen after my milk. She fed me at seven while Mummy and Daddy had their tea.

I was getting full when Mummy came back and so she suggested I’d had enough and then soon I started to blink at her, I couldn’t really see her properly anymore, my toes started to twitch, then my feet, then my legs. My arms started to wave a little and I wasn’t sure what was happening anymore because I felt scared and hot and confused so I cried. By now the doctors went to get some rescue medicine but this tastes funny and I’m not used to having things like that in my mouth so I became sick and even hotter. I couldn’t cry anymore, the sick made me choke in my mouth coming out of my nose I couldn’t breathe very well.
All this time Mummy and Daddy were there, I felt them, Daddy’s hands holding my neck and cheeks keeping the air flowing into my lungs and Mummy stroking my face, telling me to be brave and that I was a good girl. And I was, even when they put needles in to try and give me another canula but I don’t have very big veins.
All they can do now is wait and watch, my heart-rate is still high, my temperature too.
Mummy is typing for me to tell you how poorly I am but she is sad, very sad.
Daddy is drinking a cup of tea, but she is sad, very sad.
That’s all they can really do for now. 


  1. Your in my prayers always brave little girl but even more so tonight. Please give mummy and daddy one of those extra special hugs that I just keep for you three (and BIG Ben of course) Love you xrx

  2. Mummy and I are thinking of you all and sending you big, big, big hugs. We love you all, O & H xxxxxx

  3. thinking of you ellie big hugs to you all big well done to your mummy and daddy for being so strong and to all the staff on the ward they do a great job

  4. Hugs and prayers for you all. Love Aunty Sally and Uncle Roy xxx