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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday 23rd

Happy Birthday Granddad sending you a kiss!

I was such a good a good girl last night for Mummy, Suze and new student nurse Lisa. I nearly slept all night; I woke at five with a bit of a cough but soon settled off back to sleep 'til eight. Like a normal baby.
Daddy turned up early because Mummy had accidentally sent him a text message (!!) and he was just in time to change my nappy - unfortunately I coughed while he was in the process and managed to decorate him arm, he giggled about it but muttered something about it being gross whilst running off to wash his arm.
I had a lovely cuddle with Mummy where she was on hand with the suction catheter for a bit of snot catching - yum. And then I had my physiotherapy and it started to make me cough and sneeze.
There was a plan formulated today to remove my Gastric Tube and replace it while having a little break with nothing on my face. It was all going to plan until I did a huge sneeze followed by another huge sneeze and it practically flew off my face and had to be removed prior to my 10am feed. This gave Mummy a ten minute window to lather some cream on my cheek and take some 'no tube' pictures of my face.

We finally met Sam who used to work for Annie and she has offered to help continue to support us with the fundraising, she is getting into it personally to by doing a sponsored slim, so Mummy hid all the cakes and sweeties before she came.
Because I have been so good today Grandma is coming to babysit for me this evening while Mummy and Daddy go and see a man called Paul. Daddy says he’s not a man he’s an alien, Mummy says that sounds silly but she says going to see Paul with be a nice change, alien or not.
They checked and double checked their phones to make sure they would hear them ringing if they needed to be called back to the hospital, the cinema is only ten minutes away and as such is in their preferred perimeter for leaving me. 
Daddy said he was very nervous and they kept leaving and then coming back to give me a kiss and then coming back again to check on me. Phew...I was glad when they went actually Grandma and I had lots of gossiping to catch up on.
While they were gone I watched Grandma lots and looked at her pretty purple necklace, I got a bit hot but I was a good girl and took my afternoon tea really well. My cheek was glowing red from where all those stickers had been for weeks, Grandma wondered if I was hot because of little teeth trying to wiggle their way through....i'm sure as soon as she mentions it to Mummy she'll be there sticking her fingers in my mouth.
Of course, Daddy and Mummy turned up, with a particularly pizzary aroma and I got a little tickle in my throat, so they felt needed again and Daddy sorted out my evening tea. 
Daddy said that Paul was a funny alien and he was glad to of had a break,Mummy looked glad to be back as she said she'd been holding her phone constantly hoping it didn't ring.
It's time for bed now, everyone is hoping for a peaceful night.


  1. Hi Ellie,

    Aww this is a lovely update to read, how nice Mummy managed to sneak a wee pic without ur NG tube in so we could see all of your beautiful face. I'm also so happy Mummy and Daddy had a wee 'date night' and I had a giggle at the 'checking ur phone thing' I bet all the way through the film they kept it in their hands and looked at it all the time!!

    Lovely to hear you had a good night, I really hope you're the same tonight again. xx

    Big *gentle* hugs Ellie and Happy Birthday to your Grandad xx

  2. P.S. I'm wearing my purple heart necklace too and everyone says how lovely it is, and then I tell them about you<3 xXx

  3. wow ellie loving the outfit!! very colourful and you look gorgeous especially without your tubes, sending lots of love to you, mummy and daddy xx sharon and amba