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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th February

Saturday Morning Cuddle with Mummy
I had a very quiet day, but a surprise visit from Nanna who turned up at teatime yesterday, she said she was worried about all of us wanted to check we were ok. She rings a lot but I think she thinks Daddy pretends we are ok over the phone when we aren't.  She gave me a big cuddle but I kept getting very warm and sticky. 
We were a bit boring I think so she left at teatime. 
Mummy and Daddy tend to just sit an stare at me a lot, or hover over me. I have an annoying dry cough at the moment its left over from by infection.  I'd not settled since my 4am feed. Mummy had slept a little in between my coughing fits but the out of hours physiotherapist had to come to see me in the morning. I slept for most of the day but then again had to see the physiotherapist later in the evening. Mummy waited for me to settle but went home to catch up on more sleep. She rang to check on me a few times before finally sending Daddy and me goodnight kisses.

Sunday Mornings are always quieter, there aren't as many staff popping in and out. I woke up to find my cough is still here and although Daddy was able to clear my yuckies the cough has dried up and makes me sore and fed up.
I coughed all the way through my breakfast which in turn made me a bit sick.
I'd slept well though overnight for Daddy, Dr Burns says that normally when you are asleep your body is in a different state and because of this when I did sleep I was fine, I was given strawberry juice and nurofen which helped my cold but I still needed lots of Oxygen  to be comfortable. 

Daddy's friend Nick from Shavington Chippy turned up with his lovely wife Jay and their little baby boy, Blake. Nick is going to take part in the Triathlon which is nice of him. They had read on he blog about gifts for the raffle and brought spare clothes in for the ward including some good quality new clothes for Ellie Bay which Mummy will add soon.  Grandma came to collect the good clothes as she took them to try and sell at her next coffee morning in Tarvin. (Saturday 12th March - 10 - 1pm at Tarvin Methodist Church)

Mummy had been doing some tidying at home and had been treated to some lunch by Karin so came back to the ward with her for a while. I woke for a little bit to see her but am feeling so grotty that I didn't stay awake long. 

Daddy had done a good job looking after me but I still like it when Mummy comes, she said I was looking a bit red and when they checked my temperature it was 37.9 which is lobstery for me. More drugs for me and then back to sleep. More watching for them now. My Oxygen requirements are very high. It's very worrying for them. I am just happy to be relaxed and asleep. 

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  1. Awww sweetie, sorry to hear about your pesky cough. So glad you got some Mummy cuddles, they're just the best. Also good to hear that Mummy managed to get a wee sleep too. Your Mummy and Daddy make a great team huh? Team Ellie all the way..and we're all your supporters.

    Here's hoping your medicine allows you to have a settled night precious girl.

    Lots of love,

    Jax & Ki xXx