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Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday 29th November

Another cold Day we had a Hospital visit I was weighed this morning with an audience, Dr Burns, Kath and Kim from the homecare ! Dum dum I'm 4.50kg/9lb 15 - nearly 10lbs... I then had my breakfast Mummy felt like she was being tested! Dr Burns was checking up on me after my Blue Do's and is pleased that I haven't had any more since Tuesday
Mummy explained that she has ordered a little apoenea monitor to fit on my nappy called a Respinsense, they are all happy with it but have reservations that it may make Mummy more paranoid...but Daddy thinks it will give us a little piece of mind, although knowing our luck it will go off all the time for no reason and Mummy will be on the ceiling.

We also talked about my NGT (Nose tube) and how long I would have this because the next step would be to have a plug put in my tummy instead, this would involve an operation which wouldn't be very nice. They have to put a camera into my tummy then shine a light outside and then cut a hole in for the plug. Yuck. I would need to be asleep for this and Mummy and Daddy are worried that I may not like the drugs and not wake up. Dr Burns says that there is no rush though so we wont talk about it until January, there is a plus side though as I wouldn't have t have this horrible tube stuck on my cheek.
After many discussions about how much lachelose I should be having, I managed to prove that 4mls is plenty by making a bit of a mess in my car seat today - lovely. That was another outfit in the wash...I just want to make more ironing, like Daddy does.

Mummy has decided that both she and I seem to be running out of clothes that fit us so she took Tamsin shopping with her while I slept on Daddy's chest most of the afternoon. When she came home she had really missed me and we had lots of cuddles. She had also bought me some nice new tops and vests, so I'll be modeling those tomorrow!

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  1. Can't wait to see your new clothes Ellie - I'm sure you'll look absolutely beautiful (just like your mum!) xx