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Monday, 29 November 2010

Sunday 28th November

Brrrrrrrrr! Its so cold outside, Mummy said it was minus something, she is worried about taking me outside though because its the Bronchil season apparently and she says its just a one way ticket to the hospital if we aren't careful and she has decided that she would like to make December a 'Leighton' free month. That means that I will just look at the icicles that have grown on the plants due to a Mummy malfunction....(left the hosepipe on) and watch the hot air balloon pulling the moon from the window.

I said goodbye to my Aunty and Uncle and my cousins because we were having even more visitors!I am such a popular girl...Big Cousin Daniel and Tamsin arrived and they had brought lovely gifts, a rose plant and bath bombs for Mummy some Nougart for Daddy and a lovely outfit for Me. I'll wear it tomorrow so I look pretty when I see Kath and Dr Burns.

I had a little cuddle with Daniel but he's a boy and lots of boys don't feel very comfortable holding little babies, its nothing personal I know, because he has had three babies of his own and he was probably scared of holding them too, he wouldn't pose for my blog as he's camera shy, but lovely Tamsin has very cuddly arms and she talked to me and whispered nice things to me which made me feel very special.

They also brought more groovy lights for my bedroom that Simon promised last weekend...Daddy loves all my pretty lights...Mummy said we could charge admission to my bedroom, its like Blackpool Illuminations.
I had a really explosive nappy tonight, just wanted to detract from the smell of Mummy's cooking, this meant I had an impromptu bath, which by the way I am able to sit in for longer and longer. I slept really well in the night, so much that I really didn't want to wake up for my 2am feed but when I did Mummy looked just as tired as me!

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