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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Saturday 20th November

Everyone was feeling a bit lazy today, although Mummy got up early to play with me and my new toy called Inch Worm while Daddy slept in and I got lots from cuddles from Big Cousin Nicky. Big Cousin Nicky has had a big operation on her leg so this meant she had to rest because otherwise she's like Mummy and never sits still - its a family thing. Everyone was happy just relaxing and chatting and eating Mummy's yummy carrot cake and I watched Harry Potter for the first time ever.

I got to play on my mat and watch my lights in my bedroom which I love, I like to gurgle and chatter to myself when I do it now and I started to bash the dangly objects lots Mummy kept cheering every time I bashed one, at first she thought I'd just hit one accidently but I kept doing it over and over again. After going to the sensory room on Friday Mummy is now collecting things to put in a basket for touchy feely play, she ordered a new funky duster called a Minky from Asda but as she says cleaning is boring she said I can have it to play with instead. I wonder if I can play with the Iron too? (Editor: "Tee Hee")
Daddy and Simon went to the cinema to watch a boring boys film while me, Big Cousin Nicky and Mummy watched Mamma Mia, I love to hear Mummy singing, even if she is tone deaf.

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  1. What a big girl, playing with your dangly toys now! (Don't rush to play ironing though Ellie - it's boring)There are LOTS of interesting things to play with in your lovely room, aren't there? Lucky you. xxxx