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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tuesday 16th November

I have been really alert today so got to watch Mummy and Daddy a lot.
Sandy the health visitor came because Mummy needed some help filling in lots of forms to get me some money from the government. Also Doctor Burns rang to say that my liver tests came back normal, which is something positive, Mummy says she'll take anything going at the moment.

The most comfortable seat in the house.
We saw Gill the lovely speech therapist today -it still tickles Mummy that I have a speech therapist because its obvious I cant speak yet! Its the first time we had seen her since she suggested I have my tube reinserted. She said she'd felt very guilty but having seen me today she was pleased she had. She said I was feeding brilliantly, that my cheeks were lovely and padded and  that I was really alert more than she'd ever seen. I now have 95mls in my bottle and I've nearly been drinking a whole bottle in every feed.
See everyone -  I am trying my very best to stay on this earth, because I love my Mummy and Daddy and want to be with them.

Mummy and Daddy are trying to plan a special Naming Day for me, she said that she and Daddy feel sad that they'll never see me get married  this would be a special day where I get to be centre of attention and wear a lovely white dress  - sounds expensive! She said she is going to ask Rachel to help with decorations, because Rachel is so good at all the pretty stuff and Aunty Phylis who is amazing at cake decorating.


  1. the naming day sounds like a brilliant idea it nice to hear you having that lovely milk so well ad trying really hard i will have to come round for a cuddle soon and will make it not a your dinner time next time

  2. Hi Ellie, I am so happy to hear thay you have had a good day today. The naming day is a lovely idea that your Mummy and Daddy have, you will look so pretty in a white dress. I really want to see you soon.

    I send you lots of sloppy kisses and big hugs.
    Love Poppy xxx

  3. I found your blog through Jen (Lydia Eileen's Blog) and just wanted to tell you I am saying prayers for your sweet daughter and your family for comfort and healing and wisdom during your journey! Love, Amy

  4. Ellie, Ben and I are VERY excited about your naming day, Im not sure if mummy ment me or Rachel Williams for decorating but I am VERY good at it and REALLY want to help make your special day perfect. Tell mummy to text me and we can sort out all decoration next time i pop round for cuddles and cake. Love you and love to mummy and dady too ;-) Kisses xrxbxhx

  5. WOO HOO cant wait. Love you little princess. See you soon. Sending you lots of kisses till then, MWAH xxxxxxarxxxxxx