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Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday 27th November - Another day another dollar...

Last night Mummy went to a special first aid course for parents, she now says that she feels more comfortable knowing what to do if I have another "blue do" as the hospital call it.
Mummy dressed me in pink today, she lets me sometimes, she likes one little outfit that her friend Claire gave us that her daughter, Grace once wore when she was little like me.
She sneaked to the hairdressers this morning to get some spray and came back with pretty hair, the ladies were asking all about me and when she told them they were very nice and made a fuss over her, Mummy was very touched.

Becca, Me and James I want a swirly thing for my car seat!
When Mummy bakes cakes - she is scared to sit at home alone with them, she says they talk to her and tell her to eat them...this is why Mummy asked some friends over this morning to share the Lemon Drizzle (Rachel S. there is some left currently....) so Daddy made drinks for Amy and Emma while Mummy fed me.
A lot of my other baby friends are poorly and couldn't come today, so get well soon Kellan, Andrew and Charlotte!
Daddy has been brilliant because he walks the doggies all the time and Mummy really appreciates it - specially now as its cold and it gets dark early.

Trying one on for size
It was a quiet afternoon and then a lady called Maureen came, Maureen visits families with children with hearing disabilities, we are adding her to the list of professional visitors to our house, they all come with name tags and sad faces. Mummy had forgotten she was coming because she'd arranged it on Wednesday when apparently her head was all over the place.  Maureen explained what will happen when they confirm for definite how bad my hearing is. She showed us what baby hearing aids look like and what they will do, hopefully I will get to hear Mummy singing Christmas carols. The lady placed a pretend one on my ear, this ones blue, but apparently  I can have a pink one with glittery bits and teddy bear stickers - I say bring on the disco hearing aids, so I will be able to hear music!!

Daddy and I watched tele together for a few hours tonight, we like Dog the Bounty Hunter while Mummy went to see some friends. He is trying to find a new a new computer because this one keeps dying and Marlee broke the keys on it and we definitely need it - Mummy is teaching me how good the internet is and how cool that she can chat to her new American friends online, she said they are really helping us. Belated Happy Thanksgiving greetings y'all. x


  1. Hi Ellie,
    The glitter hearing aid sounds great! (or an even funkier one if they have them) I hope they may be able to help you hear the Christmas carols (maybe not with Mummy singing them though - but don't tell her I said that or she won't give me any more of her lovely cakes!)See you again soon. Love you xx

  2. Ellie
    Quick, Quick tell mummy i am comming over this week so DONT eat all the yummy lemon cake (ummmmmmmm I love mummy's lemon cake) The hearing aids sound great I like pink and sparkley, you will be able to listen to all the lovely christmas songs turn them up loud though to drown out mummys singing (shhhh dont tell her i said that ;-) . Love you beautiful see you for snuggles in the week. Oh and can you tell mummy my phone is broke and i will call soon. BIG kisses xarx

  3. Also tell mummy i am on the case with swirly thing ;-) Love you xarx

  4. Hi Ellie if it's anything like my mums Rudolph the red nose reindeer singing yesterday you won't want to listen to your mummy's singing just ask her to get a cd! Hahahaha my daddy says he can get the macaton signing sheets for mummy and daddy if they would like him to send them to them as he teaches children with hearing difficulties and these might help. I really hope we can meet up soon! Love lots poppy xxx