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Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday 19th November

This morning was lovely I got to snooze in bed with my Daddy, he snores like me! I'm now in some of my 'new baby' baby grows instead of tiny baby, this one is pretty cool isn't it. 

After breakfast Mummy rushed around the house a lot and then popped me in the car, she decided to be brave and for the first time took me out in public and to Nantwich to meet my friends and their Mummy's. I think she has been worried about what people will think if they see me with my tube but she decided that its their problem if they think it looks weird.  I think she put my cool hat on to detract from it personally.

We went to a cafe that used to sell fancy expensive electrical equipment,now they sell expensive latte's and This is Lou and my friend Kellan, Lou used to work with Mummy at Cadbury's, she hasn't cuddled me before and she's pretty good at it, I fell asleep in her arms and stopped her drinking her tea! Mummy had a big fat chocolate cookie and a hot chocolate which she let me have a little bit of froth on my lips yum yum yum!

We headed off to the children's centre where they have a sensory room which Mummy thought would be good for me room, some of the lights are like in my bedroom, but there were lots of funny noises and flashy lights. I chilled out big time. Mummy kept running pieces of material around my head and through my fingers, it was very nice. Mummy fed me with my bottle and tube and I was a really good girl!

When I got home I was pooped, so I had a good sleep, Mummy listened to lots of old music and baked a cheesecake and carrot cake for our weekend visitors - Mummy's cousins Nicky and Simon, they brought a lovely tea for Mummy and Daddy to eat.


  1. Hey, Ellie! What a great day out you had! Bet it was great meeting some of your friends again, and for Mummy to meet hers too. Such lovely bright colours in that special room. You look so comfy on that cushion - no wonder you fell asleep. Grandma could do with one of those!!!!

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely day, You look so comfy on that cushion and the special room looks ace, do you think i could come for a vistit one day?. I had a visit from Grandad and nanny Tina today they popped into my shop to see me (by accident they didnt know i worked there) Grandad is very proud of you and mummy and daddy and so am I. Love you lots little princess, see you soon. xrx