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Friday, 19 November 2010

Thursday 18th November

Mummy had an off day yesterday and refused to leave the house, she is blaming it on her hormones. We had absolutely no visitors today and although I love all the attention it was good for Mummy and Daddy - I think I caught them kissing too!!
I  still got lots of attention because Mummy played lots with me.
In the morning she emailed one of her new American friends Pamela who has a little boy 2 months older than me called Ethan, he has a similar condition to me. She said that I need lots of Tummy time, Mummy has ordered me a special mat just for this but while we wait for the postman to come she said a couple of blankets were just as good. We sit on the chaise longe part of the settee, this sometimes is a problem as this is where Marlee and Lilly like to have their tummy time too! I don't really like it yet. It really hurts trying to lift my head - its so heavy!
Later on we played with my Caterpillar, I can't quite grab things but Mummy lets me feel the soft pieces and the crinkly bit and I think I can hear something like a jingle when she shakes it.

Mummy says its Children in need day tomorrow - that's me. So if anyone is donating, thank you on behalf of me and other poorly kids. ;-)

PS Thanks Belinda & Martin for the outfit all the way from Canada- still a little bit big but its so groovy!! xx

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  1. You do look rather uncomfortable, doing your push-ups! Just keep thinking of how much more you will be able to see going on, when you are strong enough to sit up more - and when you get to hold caterpillar properly, you can make lots of lovely noises yourself.
    PS I love your outfit too, Ellie! Hugs and kisses.xx