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Monday, 22 November 2010

Monday 22nd November

Grandma got us all out of bed today, she'd heard on the blog that Mummy has carrot cake so she's come for her slice. She was really nice and tidied round while we waited for Kath to come to weigh me......And in the red corner, weighing in at 4.30kg/9lb 8oz its....ME! Now I need to eat 107mls per bottle wow, I'll need bigger bottles soon and possibly bigger clothes.
Mummy has been looking on the internet for clothes for me - she's found some nice websites... and and her shopping bag keeps getting full and then strangely the computer keeps crashing so she never gets to buy me anything...I wonder if Daddy has anything to do with this?

Lilly giving me a kiss
I had a lovely snooze with Lilly this afternoon she's still feeling sorry for herself with her poorly foot. Daddy went to the Chemist to collect a perscription for my special milk because they keep pretending they can't get it and Daddy gets frustrated with them because its all I can have and now I only have enough milk for tomorrow because they messed up. I hope they get it sorted for tomorrow because appart from the fact that Daddy might fall out with the staff, I will scream and scream and scream until I'm sick. Not that I'm enjoying my milk, today,Mummy says I'm messing about and she frowns at me, I keep sticking my tongue out when I should really keep it in my mouth with the bottle, and I also sicked up out loads on the carpet. Mummy says its ok though cause its a cream carpet, she said she chose it specially for  its sicky milk colour.

Mummy spent the afternoon learning how to sew with Grandma, she made a groovy bag and now thinks she might try and make more, she likes being creative and thinks that its something she can do while I'm sleeping (rather than boring cleaning and ironing) maybe she will make good ones that other people would buy and start raising money for my bank account and any treatment or special equipment I might need to help me sit and stop my head flopping. She's seen special chairs on the internet but they cost £1000's! Wow - better get sleeping so she can get sewing!
I fell asleep after my tea and when I woke up I was at Grandad and Nanny Tina's house, with Uncle John, Aunty Sam, Uncle Dave and Aunt Bella. I missed out on Donuts because I had been sleeping! When Grandad held me he said that I was lovely and he loves my little hands, compared to his they are tiny! I think I'd had a lot of cuddles before Mummy decided to get me in my sleepsuit and take me home.

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  1. Pity you don't get to sample all these cakes, Ellie - Mummy's carrot cake was ace! Nigel and I had it with a drink after our dinner. Hope Daddy got your milk today, 'cause you are doing SO well drinking all those calories. Be good for Mummy and keep it in your tummy!! That way you will soon be strong enough to bash those dangly toys really hard! xxx