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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday 26th January

Firstly, most importantly Mummy has asked me to wish Big Cousin Tracy a Happy Birthday and send lots of kisses. When Mummy is at home she remembers birthdays but hasn’t got round to sending a card.

Nurse Donna helped get my breakfast today, she has a little boy who swims with my friend Kellan (the one that likes to chew things) and she wanted to do something to raise money for my cause, she is arranging a special Teddy bears picnic at Shavington Play Group at St Marks in February for babies and up preschoolers, the date has yet to be confirmed.  But it sounds fun; the hardest thing any boys and girls will have to do is pick their favourite Teddy to go, I wonder who I would take? Polly maybe, Merryday, or Flopsy Bunny?

Snowman Cake Ruth checked in with Daddy to make sure he was still training for the triathlon, he says he has been doing mile runs and is getting ready to step up. He says that his belly has been sponsored by John Smiths and Dominoes for such a long time that he needs time to adjust to the new regime.

Saw my agent Annie today, she had found collecting tins for a little fundraising idea Daddy had. The tins are red but I’ll forgive her as they can be dressed up with my stickers made by my advertising manager down in London, Dave. (Thank You again)
We have some exciting news that we will be able to launch some charity wrist bands for Ward 17 and, we will be launching them in the Ward on a special day in February as soon as they arrive. Watch this space!! Orders for wristbands are welcome! They will cost £1.00 each on the ward or allow postage costs if you are interested and would like some sending out, it will all help to put more money back into the charity.

Becca and below her purple sandals!
I got to see my little friend Becca today she rode into my room in a big black and red wheely thing. I remember having one of those and going outside once. Becca’s got the fanciest purple sandals that join up to her purple trousers. Mummy says it’s her special cast to help her hips and legs. She looks like she would be very uncomfortable in it and yet she never grumbled all the time she was here, ooh except when she wanted her milk! She told me lots of stories about when she was in hospital too, it’s nice that we have something in common like that because not all my other little friends probably understand quite the same what it can be like. She chatted and meowed in language that only really she and I know and we whispered secrets to each other. I was on Mummy’s lap most of the time so I got some kisses and strokes from Becca’s Mummy Amy too. Amy a very clever girl and Mummy can tell you something about why soon….

Alison Flowers finally got brave
enough to visit today, she had read the paper and been following the blog, but hasn’t seen Mummy since I was floating around inside a pretty top she was wearing back in July sometime. Wow, a LOT has happened since then, I think Mummy and Daddy could have talked and talked for ages catching up.  I know because I was wide awake, being good relaxing in Mummy’s arms. I think she got achy though as she peeled me off her arm eventually and placed me back in my cot ready for tea. That was one long cuddle it was so lovely.

Alison’s doggy is friends with my doggies but they haven’t been able to play for such a long time. Mummy and Daddy miss Marlee and Lilly so much, they must because they even brought some things from home including some of their hairs. 

Grandma is having a sleep over with me tonight, to give Mummy and Daddy a break. She seems a little nervous but has made sure she slept in the daytime in case I keep her up late. I’m having a little shut eye now so we will see and even if I am awake later I’m sure she won’t really mind. ;-)


  1. Ellie I hope you sleep well for your Grandma its lovely that she gets to spend so much time with you even if you are both asleep! (I think you will be the only one sleeping tonight) Sweet dreams xx

  2. Hi Ellie,I hope you were a good girl for Grandma last night, and she coped ok and wasn't too nervous about looking after you by herself. I'm sure all your lovely nurses weren't too far away. I hope Mummy and Daddy tried to relax a bit and recharge their 'batteries', but like all Mummies and Daddies, when there not with you they still can't stop talking about you and making plans!! and I bet they were back at 'the crack of dawn' to see you. lots of love to you all. Lucas' Nanna xx

  3. Oh yes Gill, I made sure of it! 6am on the dot they had to come running....naughty me.

  4. Hi Ellie you little tinker! I enjoyed my biscuits while you had your milk at midnight -our little feast! That part was good wasn't it? We had some lovely little chats in-between your snoozes. I know you didn't want Mummy and Daddy to think they can go away TOO far though - but you didn't have to be quite so dramatic about getting them back to your cotside.! They may not let me come again, and that would be such a shame. Please thank your lovely nurse(s) for the 4am toast, and the coffees that helped keep me awake. Love Grandma xx

  5. Hi Ellie,

    Just LOVE these pics of you gazing so adoringly at your Mummy! You have such beautiful, expressive eyes, I'm sure that's where Mummy gets her inspiration from to help you write your blog. xxx