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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday 30th January - Out of the Box!

Daddy and Mummy both had lie ins today, just separately; Daddy missed breakfast as he was on the goggle box watching two sweaty men running round chasing a small ball. So when Mummy came in with fluffy hair and a squashed cheek from sleeping so deeply and not moving she went and got him a big breakfast in a plastic tub. She then she went home to get more clothes, she says her entire wardrobe and mine are pretty much here now although they couldn’t be more different in colour.

Dr Sakey came in today to monitor my oxygen levels and made the decision to move the box. I’m back on my pipes again. Don’t get me wrong, I am pleased about it, even though I might not show it easily. Daddy asked that they leave the stickies off my face for now and make sure I’m ok. I am late for my 16 week injections so they will arrange for those this week, joy.

There was a very busy influx of people at two o’clock; anyone would think they were all waiting patiently for the doors to open like the Next sale! Crikey – it’s only me. I get my milk at two and there were lots of people watching me so I got upset and so Mummy had to ask people to leave. Then after my milk one by one they all came back in but the nurses are worried that Mummy gets stressed with so many visitors in one go and think that maybe just two at a time is plenty, especially if I have a funny do.

Nanna came in again to see me she ate her lunch, read her paper and did her crossword and then gave me kisses before leaving. Grandma, Uncle John and Aunty Sammy came too, Grandma brought a bag of my smaller babygrows and vests to give to the ward for in their stores but also she is going to cut some up!
Shelley had suggested that she could make a patchwork quilt with some f the material. Mummy has never made a patchwork quilt but she thinks it’s a lovely idea so she will have a go! (Any hints and tips anyone??)
Doggy Walking friends Jane and Steph brought in goodies for the raffles, I have to say a big hello and thank you to Alicia Chadwick who kindly gave those things to bring.

We will be having a Raffle in the ward when we launch the purple wristbands and will be having a ‘Wear it Purple’ for Ellie day. If anyone else wants to take part in ‘Wear it Purple’ at their school or workplace and think they could help launch the bands and create more donations that would be fab! (Wear it Purple day still TBC)
 Mummy saw some pictures from yesterday that there is a big blank space behind the chair where I get my cuddles. She is going to get a map of the UK and the World and tell me all about places that she and Daddy have visited. They haven’t been everywhere though and are interested to know where all you blog readers are from. How do you feel about emailing Mummy at to tell us a bit about yourselves? You know us, we’d like to know you and then we will put a sticker on the map of who you are and where you are from.
Right, its nearly nurse changeover time and I'm due cuddles with Mummy so I'm off for now. 


  1. I think Daddy should have been the sweaty man, running around the HOSPITAL this morning in training, Ellie - not sat watching men hitting a little ball!
    It was lovely to see you out of the greenhouse (and to see Nanna again). We can see your pretty eyes better that way, and stroke your lovely head. I am glad Mummy is saving some of your materials for a quilt. She had one too, when she was a little girl, that I made from bits of special dresses. I can't wait to see your special bracelets, and have ordered a purple 'Ellie' heart already! Loving the picture of you and Mummy having Eskimo kisses. Love from Grandma (and Nigel sends love too). xxxxx

  2. it is good to hear you have come out of the greenhouse again we all want braclets when there ready aswell ellie abigail cant wait as i am writing this on here sam is writing a letter to his teacher to see if they could have a purple day at school for you i know they dont do a full non uniform day but they have coloured days and he is suugesting a purple day for you he has put the link onto this blog in his letter so his head teacher can read all about you and hopefully agrees to do a bit of fundraising
    big hugs to you all