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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thursday 27th January - Hands and Feet

Grandma and I had a lovely night, I didn’t sleep too well because I was too excited about her being here. She told me lots of stories about when she was a little girl and stroked my tummy to help me sleep. I wasn’t really settled though, every now and again I felt my body twitch a little, first my hands then my feet, Grandma was keeping a very close eye on me until it was time for breakfast and Emma came in with my milk.
It was an early wake up call for Mummy and Daddy but enough is enough, they can’t possibly think I can allow them any longer away from my bedside. They were quick getting to me; it must have been only minutes, but the doctors had started my breathing again by the time they arrived and their faces started to look less pale and worried.

Cups of tea later all was quiet again, I’ve been told off by a lot of people today and I think Mummy asked people to come in especially to grumble at me. It’s been very busy, with Annie with a purple folder and stationary box for Mummy, Bev Curly Bun chasing my Health Passport, Karen the Pharmacist, even Dr Burns came to increase my drugs after my little 6am party this morning.
Pink Lady Shelley has been in today with a lovely card with some donation money and got Mummy painting my feet and making prints again. The paint was cool on my heels and the bristles of the brush make my toes curl so my prints looked a bit funny.  Mummy redid my feet moulds too, she mixed the funny rubber solution and she and Shelley squidged my feet in while it set, then she poured in the paste, waited until it hardened and then finally set it in a frame. She is much happier, I know as she keeps showing it off to everyone, I mean really – they are only feet! (Cute though.)

She’s obsessed with my hands too, she opened the little plastic pink boxes of my sensory kit and I felt jelly; all sticky and soft, a pebble; all smooth and hard and rice; grainy and loose. What strange sensations!

I had physio with Caroline and Lynne while Mummy went out to see her sleepy friend Kate; when she came back she said they’d had coffee and cakes like they did before I was born. They a lovely chat about trying to be a Mummy and it changing you as a person and about how they both miss having a good nights sleep.  I think it’s nice that Kate and Mummy have baby breaks from time to time.
Getting Grizzly in my box

Before Tea I had a few visitors, Sarah called to bring Mummy a bathing suit for her to wear if I go to Hydrotherapy. And a fabulous set of old fashioned style building blocks to sell for my fund.  Grandad, Nanny Tina and Bella were here again too and peered through my box windows at me they talked about the triathlon and purple hats and purple balloons. We are going purple mad!

I’ve had bath time with Ruth and then a massage and new top ready for bed which Ruth said is very pretty (£3 from Tesco ;-)) but I’m just not sleeping…think I need a Mummy cuddle so sorry, she needs to stop typing for me now as cuddles are more important than anything else in the whole world. Oh scrap that. I've decided to have major coughing fits and oxygen de saturations and crying, much more exciting -  I get everyones attention that way...sorry Mummy maybe tomorrow.  
(Rubbish :-( )


  1. Hi Ellie, Love the new top! My Nanny Sue brought me the exact same one today!!! I can't believe it! Did you get to eat any of that lovely looking green jelly....tell your Mummy to let you lick it instead of just letting you hold it hehehehe Sloppy kisses Poppy xxx

  2. Ellie, those pretty feet Mummy has done are much better than the first attempt, aren't they? Foot prints are great too and will go with the handprints beautifully. Now just stop doing those naughty things for attention - you have lots of admirers without resorting to that - and Mummy needs cuddles as much as you do!!!Take care little one. See you soon. Love Grandma xxx