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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tuesday 25th January

Just so you know, being in a box is pretty boring and as I have even been struggling with my oxygen levels in the box it doesn’t make for a fun day.
To add to this, there was sicking up all my lunch in the box and having other accidents you really don’t want to see, or smell.
These things, outside of the box are normal and typical baby stuff so I’m informed but the continual gasping for breath? Not so much.
The one benefit to needing my bed changed is that I got to get out for cuddles with Mummy, so I had a little bit of a look round, a bit f a cry and a bit of a sleep.
When Grandma came she gave me lots of head kisses which are soothing and soft on my head, which gets warm and sweaty in the box.
Suze looked after me today; she is very kind and always very upbeat. Mummy says she thinks that so many of the nurses do so well looking after me because it can be quite emotional and yet they continue to be so polite and friendly even when they might be sad inside.
It must be strange because usually when you go to hospital they work really hard to make you better and send you home and that is every one’s reward for doing a good job. Here everyone works really hard knowing that I will never get better, but they do it all the same and they do it very well, that’s why we like being here.
Its Burns night, Daddy put on my Hielan Coo bib, even though I don't wear bibs anymore, he said thats all we've got with tartan on, its a poor do that I don't have a wee kilt!  Mummy will have to be more organised for St David's Day with leeks and daffodils... picture is suspiciously missing due to another battery failure.
I had a little bit of time in my nose pipes in order to have a nice bath, Emma lifted me carefully and splish splashed me while Mummy took photos. Afterwards I got to be naked and all tickly with a big red feather boa that Ray Ray brought in. It was very nice but now there are lots of tiny feathers everywhere!

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  1. Well Ellie, the one picture your Mummy has been able to post here is rather Reubenesque. It's beautiful. Glad you got to have your bath after all. Love Grandma xx