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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Saturday 29th January - Great Grandma Nora

I was pretty good last night apart from a few coughing fits and O2 desaturations. Mummy seems to have her own inbuilt alarm because she is awake and standing over me with the suction within seconds or rubbing my chest even before the monitor gets time to beep. I had a sneaky in-out visits from Ray Ray Red Boa and Becky, who really mustn't trust me at all.

I have spent some time awake today, looking around and kicking my legs about, its easier to kick when I'm in the bath especially if Mummy holds me off the bottom. Dr Sakey said that we should try and find a big bath to put on my cot. None of us know wether he was joking or not. Daddy say's any excuse to go to B&Q.

When I'm awake I like to look up at my box window, above me is my panda, my black and white book and squirly shapes but also some new faces, a penguin from Great Grandma Nora and the best one, ME! (I have a mirror)
There was a lot of hustle and bustle when finally I got to meet my great Grandma Nora who had come all  this way from Scotland. There were flowers and belated Chistmas and birthday presents, we had lots of pictures taken as there were four generations of Princes. Me, Daddy, Aunty Sally and Great Grandma Nora. I 'm not sure if Grandma Nora is a bit scared about me being so poorly but she gave me kisses anyway.
Nanna arrived during the all the commotion and Mummy told them about my necklaces and they all wanted one!

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  1. Whoops! I put the comment about yesterday in the wrong place didn't I! Silly Aunty Sally! That bit should have been about how much I'm looking forward to getting my necklace. Great Grandma Nora also said you are gorgeous and have perfectly beautiful hands and feet.