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Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday 28th January - Camping

My night was mainly: high temperatures, coughing, calpol, ibuprofen, low O2 levels which were all pointing to a cold or virus. I had to have a tube put down my nose to suck stuff up and it made me cry. Daddy stayed last night but I made the machines beep and beep and beep. Sorry Becky – I don’t think you left my side hardly all night!
Poor Daddy, he really needed a strong cup of tea in the morning when Mummy turned up.

 I said goodbye to the first doctor who ever met me today, Helen. She moves on to another hospital as part of her training so she came to say goodbye. Mummy thanked her for looking after me so often and she and Daddy were sad to see her go, as well as the others that have all had a hand in saving my life at one time or another.
Vicky gave me some special salty oxygen to help clear yucky gremlins from my throat this morning, it was a bit awkward getting in my box but she must have bendy arms! I was so tired today because I’d had no sleep yesterday and hardly any over night and as I don’t do coffee or Red Bull, I was very grumpy, there were some tears.
Daddy put a blanket over my box to help me go to sleep; the blanket has stars on it so Mummy said it was like I was camping in a tent!

Dr Burns called so see me after his morning clinic, he is very kind, I feel very lucky to have such a thoughtful doctor, and there isn’t many a day that he doesn’t pop in to see how I am. He thinks I may be brewing a cold which considering I’ve been here for nearly nine and half weeks (Is it really????) is not bad going: not when I am in a hospital with so many poorly children and babies.

I met someone new today a lovely lady with long auburn hair and her cute son with a very fancy name, this is Marianne and Abraham. Marianne is a clever arty lady. She made my beautiful bird mobile which Mummy says she will bring from home for me for something different to look at providing it gets past health and safety, because its cloth and can hide germs apparently.
They did smile and say hello for a bit but I was still grizzly and Mummy’s camera made them blink so the only picture she had was this one of them telling me a joke and then laughing afterwards. She must have kept telling Mummy jokes because when Mummy came back from the tea shop she was still smiling.
I slept today for a quite a few times so I am feeling a bit more relaxed and no longer lying with clenched fists.

Rachel came today while I was sleeping and brought a huge bag of home cooked meals from her and Big Ben. Wow, Mummy was very impressed and thankful.
She was there when I woke and while I had cuddles with Mummy, she did nurse duties passing Mummy the suction when she needed it and holding my oxygen mask. She did lovely Rachel duties too, like stroking my hair and gazing in my eyes. She took some pictures of Daddy, Mummy and Me and they pretended I didn’t have the Oxygen mask, hiding it each time she said ‘Cheese’.

 Big Day tomorrow, I need to get some sleep and be feeling ok because I am meeting a very special lady, my great Grandma Nora! I hope she likes me.


  1. Hello Ellie - what a lucky girl you are with all that attention! We were wondering when you will let us see a photo of your dad in his running gear (we don't believe it you see!). Lots of love and kisses, Margaret and Grandad Adrian

  2. Hi Ellie, phew, you have got a big day tomorrow with Great Grandma Nora coming to visit. I hope you will be wide awake and on your best behavior, I'm sure she'll love you to bits, as you're a very special little girl. If Grandma's there as well, maybe you could get a '4 generations' photograph for your 'blog', that would make it 'extra' special. Lots of love to you all, Lucas' Nanna xx

  3. I have been trying to post comments for ages without success. I've now found out that posting doesn't work in Firefox (my usual browser) but it does in Explorer so here goes:

    I think a Triathlon would be too much for me so I'm going to do a 2 hour Croquet Marathon at so many cents (or pence) per hoop. I'll be running between hoops so it'll be lots of exercise as well as needing precision to get through competition standard hoops.

    Hoping Gt grandma Nora's visit goes well.

    Love to all three of you, Grandad Adrian