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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thursday 3rd March

I wished Mummy a happy birthday today she was awake at 12am with me and Daddy. We all cuddled on my big girl bed. I was very tired, my breathing and my heart. So I slept and when I stirred a little before seven thirty, Mummy and Daddy were holding my hands, they covered my head with soft wet kisses. I then decided it was time to go. I am going to a special place where I wont be poorly anymore, where I will be able to grow into a beautiful princess who will play and run and sing.

Mummy says that an Angel job is the only one good enough for me, so she made sure I had feathers for my journey, oh and of course, Mowbray too.

(Goodnight beautiful Girl forever in our hearts  - 'fly straight' says Daddy. xxx)


  1. With so much love, sleep tight baby girl, in Mummy and Daddy's heart forever xxx

  2. Sleep tight with the Angels Ellie:( We'll never forget you Baby Girl <3

    Dan and Laura.. words can't express my sadness. Saying sorry just doesn't cut it. My heart breaks for you and all the family.

    Love from, Jacqueline. :( xxxxxxxx

  3. big hugs to you all you will be with us all forever as you have always been you area very special little girl who has made a big name we are here for your mummy and daddy for as much support as they want sleep tight ellie x x x x

  4. Goodbye beautiful girl,we'll really miss you! I'm sure you're looking out for your brave mummy and daddy. We're all thinking of them.
    Love always. Aunty Julia, Uncle Jonathan and your cousins Beth and Thomas.

  5. Sleep in peace now baby Ellie. My thoughts are with you Laura and Dan. You have been so strong and brave. Trish and Chris xxx

  6. my thoughts are with you i ahve two young daughters and cant imagine how you feel. sweet dreams ellie you are a very special angel now xxx

  7. No more pain Ellie, you put up a brave fight, God Bless. My thoughts are with you Laura and Dan. So strong, but with such special memories. One 'special little Angel' Lots of love to you both. xxx

  8. Sleep tight angel, we will never forget have touched our hearts.dan and laura, words are not enough.xx

  9. Beautful Angel Ellie, too perfect for this world. Sleep tight xx

  10. Manyana Ellie. You will be the most beautiful angel in heaven. Watch down on your mummy and daddy. Thinking of you both, xxx

  11. Goodnight Ellie, god bless, your pain has been set free so that you can fly like an angel and look down on us all and smile

    Good night sleep tight xx

  12. Wow I cannot imagine. Sending you love and hugs and prayers. Your beautiful girl is in heaven dancing with the angels.

    We are thinking of you xxx

  13. Sending love and a thank you for the immense privilege of sharing special precious time with beautiful Ellie and her inspirational mummy and daddy. Thinking of you x x x

  14. Sleep tight, little one. All my love to mummy and daddy, watch over them, as they watched over you. We are all thinking of you xx

  15. Rest in peace now, beautiful precious one. You will always be in our hearts. We are thinking of your Mummy and Daddy and send them all our love. Aunty Sally and Uncle Roy xxx

  16. all my prayers are with you lots of love Casey <3 your neighbour from next door in the hospial a true angle will be missed xxxxxxxx

  17. sleep well sweetheart! thankyou for letting me share your journey, you will all be missed by a lot of people who have been become involved with you and your lovely family x x x x x x

  18. Manyana little angel. You might have only had a short time in this world but you have touched many peoples hearts with your story. Your fundraising has inspired many and it will help lots of poorly children for years to come. Your great grandma Florence will look after you now. Sleep peacefully little one and keep a tight hold of Mowbray. You know what trouble these teddy bears can be! Thinking of you and sending mummy and daddy lots of love and support. Penny xxx

  19. It was a privilege to have a small part in helping to look after your very special daughter. You are both in my thoughts. xx

  20. Good night sleep tight Ellie, i cannot thank you enough for letting me share your journey.
    Heaven will now know what a true angel is!
    x x x x x x

  21. Beautiful little girl watch over mummy and daddy and be the best angel you can be, heaven will be honoured to have you x x x x x x x
    Thinking of your mummy and daddy, sending them hugs and kisses x x x
    Sharon and amba

  22. No more coughing Little Miss Angel Ellie. We hope you and Mowbray have lots of cool adventures together. Lots of necklace wearing in the future....
    Love Rachel, Chris, Fin & Sadie xxxx

  23. To a beautiful Angel whose time here was short but whose legacy will remain forever more. You have touched the hearts of so many Ellie and will never be forgotten. I know that you are in Heaven's playground now with all the other little Angels and will be keeping a close watch over your Mummy and Daddy. Thank you for being such an inspiration and to your Mummy and Daddy for sharing your heart wrenching journey with us. Thinking of you all at such a difficult time, with love, Nicola Marshall & family xxxx

  24. So, so sorry to hear this news....Chris and I have a saying for Dexter..."As long as we are living, our baby you will be"....Ellie, play with our little angel and all the other angels sweet one and know that your Mummy & Daddy did everything they could to fill your little life with enough love for a lifetime.
    All our thoughts are with you and please feel free to get in touch if there is anything you need or if you just want a friendly shoulder.
    Kristianne & Chris Robinson xxxxx

  25. Night night Ellie, sleep tight. Hope you have fun & mischief with all the other angels, none of course are as special as you. Keep an eye on your Mummy & Daddy, and let me know if they are in need of anything I can help with! Fly high sweetheart!....lots of love, Joe, Sarah & Jack. XXX

  26. Night night Ellie belly, it has been a privilege to share your journey, forever in my heart. Sending your mummy and daddy glittery lip gloss kisses.
    Ray Ray
    X x X x X

  27. This must be the saddest day in the life of everyone that has known Ellie, the day that we dreaded but all feared could arrive before we were ready for it.

    We were all very fortunate to have been involved in her life however great or small and she was blessed to have had Dan and Lou as parents.

    We believe everything in life is here to teach us something and enrich our lives. I think Ellie has taught us how precious life is and however poorly, she was definitely a fighter.

    Dan & Lou have taught us that the most important thing in our lives is to love the people we care for. The love and dedication that they gave Ellie makes us very proud to know them and to be their friends.

    They did everything they possibly could to make her short life the best it could be and we are sure that Ellie knew that.

    With much love to Dan, Lou & Ellie (Sleep tight princess)

    Geraint & Melissa xxx

  28. I didnt get a chance to meet you Ellie, but you touched my heart very much, Sweet dreams little lady lots of love and hugs, dont forget to watch over mummy and daddy they are going to miss you very much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Debbie xxx

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  30. My first ever friend as we came into the world together, you will always be my special friend Ellie. Sloppy butterfly kisses forever. Poppy xxx

    Are thoughts and prayers are with you Dan and Laura, truly amazing parents with such a beautiful princess. Love, hugs and kisses jo and John xxx

  31. The best little Angel in Heaven. You have touched so many hearts and will be remembered and loved by so many. Good night Little Miss Ellie. xxx

    Our thoughts are with you Dan and Laura. Such an inspiration and amazing parents.
    Lots of love
    Andrea, Ray and Harry xxxx

  32. Goodbye, Ellie. I'll never forget our cuddles, few though they were.

    To Dan & Lou, Be as strong as you can, there's lots of love for you.

    All my love, Granddad Adrian

  33. Goodnight Beautiful Little Miss Angel Ellie. Sleep tight baby girl. Your brave Mummy and Daddy have certainly ensured you will never be forgotten, and your legacy will live on, helping other special babies and their Mummies and Daddies at Leighton.

    Lots of love to Dan and Laura, my thoughts are very much with you both.
    Hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. Ellie, im so very sorry that your short journey in this world has come to an end, but your memory and fighting spirit will never be forgotten, you were a very special little girl.

    Dan and Lou, you are amazing inspirational people. The love and commitment you have shown for Ellie has touched so many people, me included. I'm so so sorry for your loss but because of you, Ellie will live on for a long long time.
    Thinking of you at this sad time.

    Catherine xxx

  35. What a remarkable job you did in such a short time. You should be very proud of yourself, miss. I'm sure that your work isn't finished, just the location.
    Dear Laura and Dan - all of our love from here, you two have been the most inspirational, strong, loving parents, and I'm sure that there are so many little ones and their mums and dads out there that appreciate everything you have done. You could have just looked after yourselves, but you rose to the challenge and excelled beyond anybody's imagination. xxxxxxxx

  36. With such utter sadness that we say goodbye. You are free forever now

    Congratulations on all the pennies you raised, hopefully to help someone else as special as you

    Gone but never forgotten xxxx

  37. Like many others on here, I really dont know what to say but I think this expresses it .....

    This place is full of people
    who have come to say goodbye
    But no one wants to see you go
    And we're all left asking why.

    In our pain and tears we share
    A heartache that cannot heal
    but in our minds we will keep
    Memories no one can steal.

    We all can feel your hand in ours
    And see your loving face
    You haven't gone we feel you here
    A love we cant replace.

    You meant so much to each of us
    And in our hearts your always be
    I hope you can see how precious you were
    To them, to us, to me.

    Love you all so much and thinking of you,

    H & O xxx

  38. laura and Dan
    so sorry for your loss my thoughts are with you I'll never forget you all Ellie, was a very special little lady. I feel lucky to have met her.
    Sleep tight angel forever in my heartxx

  39. Always Remembered - Beautiful Granddaughter

    Ellie, You are the HOPE of spring
    Who will always make our hearts sing

    You are the JOY of long summer days
    And the beautiful warm sun's rays

    You are the LOVE of autumn splendour
    The wondrous colours we all adore

    You are the peace of winter's ease
    Always Remembered
    Our Angel on the gentle season's breeze

    Love you always sweetheart
    From Granddad Phil & Nanny Tina XX

  40. sleep tight Little Miss Ellie ,a beautiful angel you will be. Thankyou for the privelage of sharing some precious time with you and your amazing mummy and daddy. Forever in my heart. Big hugs and kisses to you all
    Rachel xxxx

  41. Lou and Dan, we will be thinking about you tomorrow. So sad to hear the news. Goodbye Ellie and be at peace. Sending you lots of love from Marianne, Chris and Abe xxx

  42. Sleep tight now brave, beautiful girl. You & your amazing mummy & daddy are so special & so loved, you will be in our hearts always
    Karin, Andy J & M xxxx