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All blogs post are more recent first, if you want to read about Ellie's Journey I'd suggest starting from the first post back in September 2011 (October Posts) and read on Chronologically from there. It will make more sense and you'll get to meet the little girl who gave my life purpose.
Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Monday 28th February

Mummy held me in her arms until 4am until she just couldn't anymore. She had sung songs and told me stories about how her and daddy fell in love and how I was the most special little girl in the whole world to them. She rained on me lots and made small noises in the back of her throat that sounded a lot like puppy dogs. She had Suze making her cups of coffee and toast to keep her awake be cause she said she is making up for lost time and all the future well never have. She eventually woke Daddy to take over because her eyes were sticking together with funny sleep goo. After an hour that was it, the cough came back and so did the injections in my thigh individual shots of morphine to numb this relentless coughing. It helps me Slip into a sleepy place.

All of a sudden it was Monday, the hustle and bustle of the ward was apparent, they drew the door blind and people knocked to come inane were quiet and glum. Becky was looking after me and then Andrea Polkadot too who had turned up yesterday to see me without her uniform. Mummy lay me on the bed with here and we had cuddles. She then gave me a lovely facial, cleansing my skin with fresh saline water and moisturising with a watery glycerine liquid which left my skin all soft and fresh. She brushed my hair and stroked my legs and hands and feet then I had the best cuddles with Daddy.
In the afternoon we all snuggled up in the small bed and lay together for ages until I got too bit anyway. Ray Ray had wedged us in so comfy and blew us all goodnight kisses - at 4 in the afternoon!! More cuddles and more morphine into the night. Everyone is feeling very glum tonight.


  1. Thinking and praying for you. Sending lots of love to a special little girl and her mummy and daddy. xxxx

  2. You are always in our thoughts and prayers, keep strong, lots of love to you all from Jane and the guys at TMG xxx

  3. always in my thoughts xxx

  4. I know its Mummy's birthday today, so just to say that Im sending all my thoughts and prayers to you all. Much love xx

  5. My thoughts are with you and your precious daughter as you travel this difficult journey. Praying you feel the arms of comfort around the three of you during this time.

  6. Oh no:( I'm so, so very sad to read this. Sending you all hugs and prayers at this time.

    Sending Birthday wishes to Mummy xxx

    Enjoy every moment, every cuddle on the bed, and please know every single one of us are feeling for you so much.

    Lots of love to you little Princess.

    Love from Jacqueline and Kian Xxxxxxxxxx