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Monday, 23 May 2011

Purple Pride!

The Cheshire This weeks Crewe Chronicle... and Nantwich News

Before the wind
Wow what a tough day, for both of us.
I know, I didn’t swim, didn’t cycle, didn’t run.  Fortunately that was Dan’s pain, although he wouldn’t agree that it was anywhere near fortunate. But the emotional crescendo of this triathlon was reverberating from the moment I got up.
I’m not sure which of the early disasters set me off running into the boot of the car to hide and threaten to go home like a child who couldn’t have an ice-cream. I was officially on the brink…the organising; the hope for my every hope for utter perfection, as always was looking like failure.

After the wind!

We were late to set up, missing the canopy, getting the canopy and ripping the canopy, trying to hold down the canopy to stop it taking off, the poles bending the prizes flying….the wind was racing faster than any of the competitors and with the elusive sun only making a few appearances all seemed utterly disastrous. I was a mess, the display was a mess.
Then Penny came, we had four people and what a difference it makes, holding four corners instead of three! Decisions were made, the wet finger in the air decided that it wouldn’t rain and the canopy was banished.  It’s a shame though as it had looked pretty good and now we looked like a typical lost little charity stand.
Teamed ticket sellers (Mum, Penny and Julia) trotted round to ask for sales wearing their purple tops with pride,especially my little neice Beth who loved her purple Ellie 'dress'! The tannoy kept calling out Little Miss Ellie and people came to support our stand and I was again struck with that same overwhelming sense of sickness and pride…that we had made it. Today would be a success after all.

Don’t get me wrong this was not easy today, this event, being here, seeing all these people who have been a part of our rocky journey, those who have helped us slowly picking up the pieces. Big hello and thanks to all you Aqua girls for turning out too, especially Lou I was still a blubbering wreck but at least there were enough people readily coming in to the fold to sell, to chat, and to walk dogs (who were amazingly patient and so good) so that I could delegate and detach myself to walk into the blustery sun, my favourite of all the weather combinations.

Dan’s sickness was more of the nerves variety and after watching the efforts of some of our more serious competitors, Chris and Nick breezing (literally) through the morning section, did nothing to allay this. But off he went with Lee checking and double checking.  Jonathan (his brother) played photographer and managed to catch all aspects of the journey, the nervous swim thought to the start of that wind beating cycle ride. During that time we watched and cheered with pride at Claire who’s sheer determination along with several purple clad onlookers, cheered her senseless to manage the painful last few legs of the run after completing her first (probably last, if she has anything to do with it) triathlon. Then Stewart came running in after his relay handovers from Kathryn and Hayley ensuring the North Wales possie had a good finish too.

And so, people started to gather, there were rumours that Dan may have arrived, ‘Is that him in the purple top and the red shorts…?’ No it was Lee (More Cheering!) then he was there! Well, an exhausted and broken man, pain etched across his forehead, who had climbed his own personal Mount Everest!  in a time he wanted too, but maybe another try next year??) He’d nearly given up but we cheered and Lee joined him for the final lap, making sure he reached the finish line at last!

Shortly after, we welcomed back the last of Team Ellie, Karin, Tina and Ali all crossing the line with everything to smile about. What an amazing effort everyone, there was so much purple pride it was amazing.
Oh! In case you’re wondering, sponsorships and donations and the raffle have generated nearly £3,500 for the Children’s Ward!

I hope everyone knows how proud we are of their achievements.
The tears were worth it this morning last night and the past four days. Love you all!

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