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Saturday, 21 May 2011

One day to go...

It's starting to feel like a lifetime ago that Vicky at the hospital told us all about her husband and his Iron Man competition and as Dan gears up for Sunday, getting his bags packed, legs stretched and stomache bile in the right place, I think he has eventually forgiven us both for convincing him that the triathlon was a good idea.
So one day to go and the pinacle of our fundraising is in sight.
There is an air of sadness to this because there was a time when we thought that Ellie may have been there too, granted it was expected that there would be a group of nurses on hand, an oxygen mask and transportable monitor, but looking back perhaps we were all a little too optomistic, she was such a fighter that we had all hoped she had been there.
So instead, those lovely nurses, our fantastic friends and family and you, lovely people that have become a surreal part of our equally surreal last few months will also be there, if not in spirit, then through all the fabulous prizes that have been donated. So thank You xxx

Check the blog later for a full list of the goodies. x


  1. Good luck Dan we know that you will be great! Forever in our thoughts. Jo, John and Poppy xxx

  2. Good luck Dan! Ellie will be watching down on you, very proud of her Daddy! Thinking of you all Xxx

  3. Ellie certainly will be watching her Daddy. She will be with you every step, stroke and pedal of the way Dan. Giving you strength. xx

  4. Good luck Dan. We'll be there cheering Tina on too and will pop over for some raffle tickets.

    Congratulations on reaching £20,000 too. Fantastic - what an achievement. Ellie will be very proud. xx

  5. WOW!!!!! To reach over £20,000 is amazing. I'm sure Little Ellie would be very proud of you both to reach this achievement in her honour and I bet she will be watching Dan run over the finishing line tomorrow. Good Luck x x x x

  6. Good luck tomorrow to Dan and everyone else who is taking part, Ellie would be very proud of you!