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Friday, 4 September 2015

Big Birthday

"So anyway, it's a special day today - it's my birthday! I'm 5. 

watched Mummy getting dressed this morning, She put on a purple bracelet. She looked at pictures of me on her phone and I saw her eyes leaking a little. And then she wished me happy birthday and kissed the screen. 
She bought some pretty purple flowers in a 5 shape that Alison Flowers made. Alison Flowers is so thoughtful, she added extra sparkle and feathers just for me. 
Mummy met up with Grandma and came to see my grave, I now live with Great Grandad And Great Nanna Roberts in Heaven.  My Grandma is just as bonkers as Great Grandma. I wish I'd been able to stay around to hug everyone and thank them for my birthday wishes. 
Penny arranged for some purple ribbons to go on my tree, which is getting bigger and bigger on earth, while I am getting bigger in heaven. Grandma Liz sent a card, so, I know she loves me and thinks of me still. As do many people I met on earth. 

Mummy bought a purple plant to put in a pot by the front door, it will die, because she always forgets to water outdoor plants in pots, but it's the thought that counts.
She also bought me a birthday cake, I could see she was torn between Frozen and Minions, I know Becca likes Frozen but Mummy is mad on Minions, and I think she picked the yummiest looking one. 
She will share it with some friends later.

I have started to go to school in Heaven, it's quite daunting but we seem to just still play a lot, I've been lucky because I get to go with some of my special Angel friends, like Sam, Charlie and Benjamin Joel, Jordan, Ginny and Emilia who's my best friend. 

I have a new pet in heaven, a beautiful Golden Retriever called Bracken came one day and ( I don't know if you know this but animals can talk in heaven too) she said that she had been told to come and find me because my Mummy was also her Human Mummy, so we were supposed to be together. Emily is still a bit scared of dogs. I still have to hold her hand when we stroke Bracken, but I think she prefers cats because she has made friends with a little tortoiseshell called Lucy, and a Ginger called  Jack. There are lots of other cats and dogs too, but these are our favourites! 

wanted to say thank you to all of you that look after Mummy, I know she is a very busy lady, always doing stuff for people, or painting things, or talking and eating cake, but you all keep her company, and then when you can't be there, I watch over her when she is lonely and sad. She isn't as sad as often as she used to be and I know that isn't because she doesn't love me anymore,  she is just getting used to our long distance relationship. I hope one day she won't be alone anymore because I want her very much to be really happy again.

Thank you to everyone who still remembers me and keeps me alive in your hearts."

💜 Little Miss Ellie 💜


  1. Never forgotten Little Miss Ellie x

  2. Little Miss Ellie just popped into my head, so I came across to see her beautiful wee face. I hope it helps a tiny bit (that people you don't even know (well our paths crossed on the internet) are thinking about this wonderful little lady, she's etched a place in all these hearts. So many more than you'll ever know.

    Sending all my love to you all xxx