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Monday, 5 December 2011

Religious Visit

Leighton Hospital sent us a letter inviting us to the Rememberance Service at St. Peter's Church at Church Minshull, it's usually held at the hospital but this year the tiny wooden pews in the sweet and homely chapel were full to the rafters of families who came to pay their respects.

Those of you who that know me will be aware that my relationship with God is somewhat - undecided, although I was christened as a baby, sung in a methodist chapel as a child then had a civil wedding ceremony, I have moved further and further away from religion. Not by choice so much perhaps more by circumstance. But I remain open mindeed - not to be easily swayed but to chose the things that suit me - I will not follow a crowd.
Dan is agnostic I think he describes himself, he believes in science and evolution- so I was a little suprised that he wanted to come along to a church with me but it was important, it would be just this one time and it was to remember Ellie.

There was almost a distinct Christmassy feel as we waded in with the other 'guests' and found a good hiding place at the end of a pew next to the wall. As I looked around the room I was strangely comforted by the sheer amount of people of all ages who had come along to remember a lost child or baby. We all sat in mixed stages of grief and as hymms were sung softly, some more exuberant than most.  I then felt a hand in mine and pressure being squeezed slowly as tears began to release themselves and flow steadily down both our cheeks.
We listened to stories about angels and God adopting our children. I know Dan  does not believe that - he is angry that if God is real why would her take her from us. But I undestood at this point that it was science that was responsible, genetics that made Ellie the way she was, and actually if God was real and took her away he took he so she wouldn't have to suffer.

So that's what I decided. To accept that might just be God's will. I might not like it - but if I were to believe in Heaven then Ellie is there, isn't she? Not an Angel, but just a child and hopefully she is growing in a way she would never had chance to on Earth - and one day maybe I will get to hold her in my arms again.
And if there isn't Heaven, then when I die perhaps all I will know is darkness - I will cease to be - so I will not know any different.

Christmas is approaching - this time last year we were already embedded into Ward 17, about to embark on the toughest journey of our lives.
I pulled out the bag in which I kept all the cards we were given last year and the decorations that we adorned on her cot and walls. I will tidy them up and make space for them in our home.
We have been without Ellie for 9 months. It still hurts like it did then, only the pain is spread throughout the day like a dull, persistant headache rather than constant numbing migrain. No pill makes it go away.


  1. I've been thinking of you and Dan lots, when everyone is rushing around busy for Christmas, I was thinking of how hard it would be for you and how last Christmas was for you.

    I was undecided about God too, but then I figured it was easier to believe that one day we can meet loved ones again, and everyone will be restored to full health and it will all be happy and fluffy up there. If it isn't, like you say, then we won't know anyway. It just seems easier to believe that it's not forever, and that Ellie will be waiting on you, watching over you. I hope that's true.

    The service sounded beautiful. It must have been such an emotional day for you both.

    Thinking of you, as always.

    Jax xXx

  2. Always thinking of you both, and as every anniversary of anything to do with Ellie 'dawns' think of you even more. I think a lot of people have mixed feelings about God, I know I didn't want to know anything about him when I was hit by tragedy, but over the years you start to maybe believe again, but then when it happens to friends and friend of friends you do start wondering again, especially at this time of year. Take care Dan & Laura thinking of you both. Lucas' Nan xx