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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Bittersweet Symphonies...

I have been to lots of corporate dinners and work related awards do's in the past few years, I was never a winner - I'm always an almost won, a runner up if even a competitor in the first place! But Hey!, that's OK, I've never had huge drive or ambition -  I'm used to being average, ordinary - the world needs people like me that just keep on plodding - not enough room in this world for hundreds and thousands of go-getters.
So it was, needless to say - weird last night - anxiously awaiting the compare, journalist Trevor Green to read out our story in a room full of prettily dressed ladies, smart gentlemen, special children, ladies and the engaging and warm Tessa Sanderson.
This award rather than any award in the whole world that I might have liked to have been considered for, like an Oscar, Ivor Novello or even Chocolate Sales Person of the Year award - above all of these things I really wanted for Dan and I to win, for Ellie.

The citation covered our story succinctly, each little word reminding me of the journey we had been on, and the bumps in our road before that eventual 'crashing into the tree' moment. So the tears flowed, enevitably. The lovely representative from Scottish Power, Ann announced with sincere delight that we were the winners. (Cue the Gwyneth Paltrow moment) Dan bounced on to the stage hugging Tessa like a long lost friend while I ambled in my precarious (for me) 2 inch glittery mules to the words of Eva Casidy's Fields of Barley (finally finishing off me and my Mother in one fail swoop).
I am, looking back slightly, vainly, disappointed that our award photograph, which may be in the local paper next week will feature by beaming husband next to the first Mrs Rochester, with smudgy mad eyes and  red blotchy face peering out from the preened curly hair and diamonte jewellery, such effort only every really seen previously on my wedding day.
Many people who had been judges came to congratulate us on this bittersweet award and we are thankful and honoured to share it with everyone who helped and supported us, especially the ward of course!
But mostly - this award was a testament to our strength together as a couple, as a family.
Here are a few photos from the night for those of you who don't go on Facebook.  :-)


  1. So pleased for you. You looked beautiful. xx

  2. Awww, how lovely, so glad to read this!! You both look amazing and you look beautiful, it's so nice to see you both smiling. Xxx