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All blogs post are more recent first, if you want to read about Ellie's Journey I'd suggest starting from the first post back in September 2011 (October Posts) and read on Chronologically from there. It will make more sense and you'll get to meet the little girl who gave my life purpose.
Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Sunday, 4 September 2011

The 'Not' 1st Birthday

This is my favourite picture of our little girl. She just looks so perfect - it breaks my heart knowing I'll never see those beautiful eyelashes flutter. So, so sad that we cannot wish her a happy first birthday today .
Some people might wonder why I'm still writing this blog, it was after all always Ellie's story, Ellie's words, that's what people were interested in. Every time people have hinted that perhaps I should finish writing I wonder if it's something I would do for me or for them. Because, truly how many times can one person say, 'thinking of you', perhaps they are now bored, perhaps there is still the need to peak into our lives and see if we are getting on ok and I guess, to eventually see whether we find happiness once more. Who knows...but for me, this blog has been about surviving the most horrid thing in the world and the support I have received because of this is unmeasurable, so I guess it's worth putting your heart out on your sleeve because when people care, they really care.
So for now this blog deserves to continue, if not just for a little while, to satisfy me more than anything, to be able to look back and prove I WAS A MUM! And it was amazing, however brief, Eleanor Florence Prince changed my life forever when she was born, just never quite the way I expected, but even so, I have known real love because of her. And for that, I really am honoured.
We decided to send some purple birthday baloons up to the sky...we will do this on every birthday.

A little fruiting Crab Apple tree in our garden to celebrate Ellie's would have been first birthday. It fruit in September and should Flower in March


  1. I think it's nice that Ellie's blog has continued and I shall never tire of checking it for updates. The balloons and tree are a lovely idea :-) x x

  2. Thinking of you both today, and every day. We're glad you have continued with the blog and continued to tell Ellie's story as it didn't just end in March, she'll continue to have an impact on all of us and always be with us. Anna and Nick xx

  3. Even though I never met Ellie, I feel as if I knew her and always come here to read about her and look at the photos.

    Such a beautiful little girl and what a beautiful day it turned out to be for her.

    Have been thinking of you all day. xxx

  4. To my Little Friend Ellie. We were both born today and will always share our special day together as me, Mummy and Daddy have and will always have a special place in our hearts for you as you were my first ever friend as we entered this world together on 4th September 2010. Happy Birthday Ellie. Sloppy Kisses Poppy, Mummy and Daddy xxx

  5. "Thinking of you" will never be enough, but I say it because I am and always will. Im glad you have continued with the blog and continue to tell us not just Little Miss Ellie's story but yours aswell. Ellie touched so many and I am honored that even for a short time I was able to be part of her life, you inspire me everyday and I love you. xrx

  6. 'Thinking of you' seems like empty words, but like Rachel says, I am and always will. I to am pleased you've kept the blog going. I know it must be really hard for you, but it is good to hear how you and Dan are coping and progressing. It was lovely to read that you'd both managed to have a holiday in 'Gertie' although tinged with sadness, Ellie was always there with you. Take care both of you. Lots of love, Gill (Lucas' Nana) xxx

  7. She'll always be there. She lives on in so many people's hearts and minds, and I believe that's why the blog lives on. The readers are people who are humbled by your tragedy, and wish they could help ease your pain. Love to you both. Claire xx

    PS Gertie is looking fantastic!

  8. I don't wonder why - I think it's a very important place for you to say how you feel with consideration, without the embarrassment of bursting into tears in front of people who don't know what to say. Ellie is most of the this blog but it's about you too, and if I was a parent of a Zellweggers Syndrome baby I imagine it would be a huge comfort. Wishing you strength and comfort in what must be the worst part of a parent's life.
    The Four xxxx

  9. I still like to come back here to see how you and Dan are doing. Of course at first it was to see how Ellie was, but we all grew to care for you too. I'd be upset on a purely selfish note if that were it and I couldn't hear from you again.

    The balloons were a lovely idea for Ellie's birthday xx and the tree is lovely too. It's nice you'll always mark that special day.

    Lots of love Xxx