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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Nominated for Ellie...

I had a call to say that Dan and I had been nominated for a Local Citizen Award. What an odd feeling. Of course, there are lots of other people who have done amazing things but I guess none of us really think we should be awarded for it. The reporter at the Chronicle asked me why we did what we did.
I don't know. I think we started fundraising because we were so helpless in many other ways. We couldn't save our child she was going to die that was certain, so we would create a legacy so people would rememeber her.
So I guess it's very selfish what we did.
But the more I think about it, the days and nights we spent, living in that ward, through winter when the nurses were rushed off their feet and  the ward had to be closed because it reached full capacity. And thinking back to all the names on the board that were written on then wiped off while all the time Eleanor Prince remained in permanent marker it seemed.
I realise why we did it, to say Thank You. Because words on a card just aren't enough.
Our Girl x

So this nomination isn't just for us its for the ward.

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