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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Monday, 27 June 2011

Introducing Little Miss Ellie - incase you never met....

Some of you never met our beautiful brave little girl. That's why I'd like to share this video I found on my phone last night. It was taken in the middle December, at the hospital obviously. It was a night when Dan had gone home to sleep and I just stayed awake talking and singing to her.  There was a rare moment when she made a little speaking noise too, which might not just be in this clip.It was so painful watching and remembering just what a sweet special little baby she was. At this point she was still quite mobile with her arms legs hands and head...later videos would show a dramatic change in her :-(
We have very few video clips, not sure why really, although we used to try and film her to capture seizures for the doctor and I guess, well, she never really did much...thats what makes these clips so very special. I know she was more than just pictures on this blog, to me she was flesh and blood, breathing and heart beating.

I have loaded a couple of extra ones on there specific days, so there's a challenge for you if you wanted to find them, and if not they will just be a nice addition if you pop back in time.


  1. this is just beautiful x x x a very special memory of a very precious little girl x x x

  2. What a lovely clip-thank you for sharing Ellie with us, she was a beautiful, happy little girl x

  3. Awwww, beautiful Ellie and her little apnea monitor tapping away in the background. She was so precious, and it shows what a special Mummy you are - you'll always be Ellie's Mummy and she'll always be your baby girl, nobody can ever take that away. The gentle way you were speaking and the absolute look of love back in Ellie's eyes for you, it shows what a special bond you have, very touching. Thank you for sharing this video, it's so lovely to be able to see it.

    Thinking of you as always Xxxxx