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Thank You for reading - every new reader shows that she has met another person and in her short life made such an impact. x

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Fundraising Update

For those of you wondering how we are getting on with spending Ellie's fundraising money here is our latest news!

Working alongside Andrea Collins, Ward Manager we have secured the services of local business August Garden Designs who have offered us a great quote on proceeding with work in the garden space at the hospital. Clive has offered to prrovide one of his revolutionary new sound sensory units at no extra charge.

Below are some initial designs of how the space will be transformed. We have asked for a planting scheme to involve purple and yellow flowers, but most importantly to create a place for relaxation and quiet contemptation. Landscaping work is set to commence at the end of March.

We are also in the process of collating room equipment to kit out Side Room 1 in the Children's ward where Ellie spent her first week and following a whole month prior to moving on Christmas Eve. This room is already supporting lilac blinds in her honour. :-)


  1. A beautiful way to honor a beautiful little girl.

  2. The plans look and sound lovely :-) x x x x

  3. Sounds as though it's all coming together nicely, and what a lovely way to remember Ellie. Think of you often and always wonder how you are both going on. Lots of love and 'Good Luck' with the Ellie project. Lucas' Nana xx

    PS Previous post was deleted in error, it was the same as this xx

  4. Oh's going to be amazing...a very fitting tribute to a very special little girl, who will always remain in so many hearts.

    I hope you are coping as well as can be Lou and Dan. I know the recent days must have been so hard for you both. Seems silly keeping on saying I'm thinking of you, but it's the truth. I find myself thinking of you often. Ellie touched my heart more than you would imagine. I recently went through a rough spell with Ki, which brings Ellie even closer to the front of my mind.

    Sending love <3 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx